Sep 2010

It’s hard to find good examples of Facebook pages from our little island of Singapore. But we’ve managed to few gems to share with you all. Here are 5 Facebook Pages from Singapore that we can all learn from.

1. Botak Jones

The Botak Jones page includes tantalizing picture of their western food, plus any new items on the menu. They’ve also conveniently included addresses of their branches on their profile page. The layout is clean and professional and still has that distinctly Botak Jones attitude.

2. Visit Japan 2010

It’s hard not to miss Tourism Japan’s ad in Singapore. From massive bus ads, to facebook ads, and over 90,000 fans, the Visit Japan 2010 campaign is making a big splash in Singapore. Previously the page included quizes with prizes to Japanese restaurants, but I guess they are gearing up to their next big campaign.

The pages wall is populated with messages from fans talking about great experience in Japan…and making other very envious.

3. AirAsia

The AirAsia Page is one of my personal favourites for social media customer services. They have dedicated staff working answering questions on their wall which has become the unofficial channel for enquires. (Note: they do have an official channel they regularly refer customers to.) It’s a challenge to answer all posts but the effort seems to be helping customers feel their needs are being met.

4. Filial Piety

An emotional video by the National Family Council about how family bonds stand the test of time. It resonates with Singaporeans because of the high importance of family. This is a great example of video centered social media activity.

5. Street Directory

Street Directory’s facebook community is centered around the shopping lifestyle and it frequently gives away prizes to its fan base. Fans simple ‘like’ the post and they are entered in the draw. They have also created very attractive and creative  banners to draw in attention.

What do you think of these examples? Do you have great examples of Singapore Pages? Share below.


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