Aug 2012



I have never imagined taking an intern job as a video editor. Videography was just an interest that I picked up in the first year of university life. Before that, I was an amateur photographer and graphic designer. Happy Marketer gave me the chance to explore videography more in depth and make it an essential work of my internship. After starting to work on video editing, I was totally blown away by the power of videography. Through this three month of internship, I have gained much more understanding of what is video editing

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and what

it takes to make a great video, so let me give you a glance at what is a day of being an online video editor like.

Understanding & Communicating the Message

The first thing many video editors do when editing is to understand the main message of the video. There are many video formats of online videos: interview, venue/product showcase, case study, or discussion. For different videos there are various ways of conveying the message to the audience. Thus it is very important to understand the purpose of the video and arrange the footage in a way that emphases the message best.

Picking the Footage

During a video shoot, there will usually be multiple takes for every scene to make sure all the details are captured. When I edit, I will usually need to look through all the


video clips, sort them by shots and choose the best one out of it.

Editing is an Art

The next thing to do is to select different shots and combine them into a logical sequence. Editing is an art of storytelling. While the role of the editor is to assemble the shots, however, it doesn’t mean he mechanically pieces the clips together. He must creatively work with the layers of images, story, dialogue, music, pacing, as well as the


actors’ performances to craft the film.

Minding the Details

Film editing is often referred to as an “invisible art”, because when executed well, viewers can become so engaged that they will not be aware of the editor’s work. In order to achieve that, it is very important that every detail is taken care of, e.g. sound levels, clip length, natural and well timed transitions. Video editing

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beginners tend to overlook the details, however, even small details such as transitions can be an integral


part of your narrative. Using it well adds depth and production quality to your video.

Adding effects:

People love the cinematic movie look. Using effects

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presets is very effective in achieving that. There are several popular effects that I usually use. An effect called “Bokeh Random” that is found in Final Cut Pro X is very useful for creating a dreamy scene, and is typically useful for showcasing food shots and romantic sceneries. Using slow motion can enhance emotional and dramatic moments. If you are editing a comedy, you can use slow motion during those funny moments to make them even more hilarious!



Background Music

The last step is usually adding background music. As “ever talented” David (or so he thinks) mentioned before, music is half of the video. For example, if you are editing interview footage, without the background music, the video sounds dry and boring. However, you can immediately feel the difference when you put the background music in. It feels like you have brought the personality out of the person. So choose the background music appropriate to the mood you want to convey, it makes all the difference.

Overall, the journey of being a video editor can be challenging, however, like climbing on a hill, you will enjoy the roadside sceneries and feel the accomplishment of reaching to the hilltop. So are you ready to explore the intriguing journey of video editing? :)





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