Conversion Rate Optimization: Guest Post

Wondering as to how to measure your website’s conversion rate! Here’s a cool infographic, which gives you 4 crucial aspects on how to measure your conversion rates.  PS: The infographic hails from Lisa Hallgren, Managing Director | DPFOC (a digital marketing agency).  

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Shopping Analytics Get A Boost With Enhanced Ecommerce For Google Analytics

Enhanced Ecommerce

Digital data has contributed a lot in the remarkable growth of online retail. It has recorded an overall year on year growth of 30% in 2013 with Google Analytics, giving valuable insights into shopper behaviour, thereby allowing retailers to take smart decisions. The rapid increase in needs have resulted in retailers demanding more sophisticated and comprehensive tools that will facilitate …

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The Power of Brand Storytelling through Instagram  

The Importance of Stories From our ancient ancestors passing stories down through the generations that we still tell today, we have been fascinated by the power of stories. Stories stimulate our emotions. They create a lasting impression – which is just what you want for your brand. Your brand is perhaps the most important aspect of your company. What we …

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Tips to Successfully Run a Digital Agency

Tips To Successfully Run A Digital Agency 1 638

The one thing that is ever present in the ongoing management of your agency is the crushing burden of responsibility upon your shoulders. Here are few tips by Siljith K, Head of Operations at Happy Marketer, who makes this herculean task simple. Tips to Successfully Run a Digital Agency from Happy Marketer Private Ltd

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Brand Storytelling with Instagram

Brand Storytelling With Instagram 1 638

The art of brand storytelling is not about showcasing your greatness or emphasizing on how amazing you are, its about depicting the connection that the brand intends to make with the customer. And why use Instagram for brand storytelling? Because it is, – Quick & Intuitive – Integration with Twitter, Facebook & FourSquare – Top Photography Channel for TEENS – …

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How To Make Ideas Stick

Cover1 E1406801955409

Based on Chip & Dan Heath’s bestseller ‘Made to Stick’, this slide deck shows how we can apply 6 rules to make our own messages “stick”. With social media case studies from Mc Donalds Gol! World Cup Brasil commercial, P&G’s #LikeAGirl campaign, Dumb Ways to Die and more. How To Make Ideas Stick from Happy Marketer Private Ltd

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Why Happy Marketers have been spending a lot of time in office? – The mystery unfolds.


Walk in to our office at 9am in the morning and we are already at work, playing good music and catching up on gossip and work of course! (I did not miss that!) Surprisingly, even if you visit us late in the evening, there we are! Experimenting on some cool graphic designing tools, discussing our next content strategy with our …

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Six Steps To ‘Go Viral’


What makes content go viral?  It’s a tough question, but when you look around, there’s some people who are able to craft contagious content every single time. What’s their secret? Do they know something you don’t?  The answer is Yes! They do! And while they may not be aware of it, they know how to push the little “traffic buttons” …

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Top 3 Reasons why Google was the Loser in Apple’s OSX Yosemite and iOS8 Launch

Osxyosemite Ios8

Last night, Apple launched iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 (it’s pronounced oh-ess-ten-ten-point-ten) to much fanfare in an audience of over 6,000 developers and hundreds of digital media outlets. And while it’s got rave reviews on it’s own (From The Verge, Cnet, Ars Technica, Time Magazine), what I’m interested in looking at today is the shift in landscape, and the …

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25 Surprising Facts about Brands

25 Surprising Facts about Brands

Do we really know everything about the brands that we come across everyday? Probably not. 25 Surprising Facts about Brands from Happy Marketer Private Ltd

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