Top UI, UX & Design Mistakes Most Singapore Websites Thankfully Avoiding

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Note – The following guest post is written by Owen Xia, one of the trainers for Happy Marketer’s course on covering everything related to UI, UX, Design and applying to to Digital Marketing channels like Websites, Mobile Apps, Mobile Sites, Digital Advertising, Social Media and Content Marketing. Call (+65) 6653 8065 or email for more information or registration. Have …

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5 Habits You Should Abandon Now To Improve Productivity


Here are 5 habits you should ditch right away to improve your productivity!

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A Quick Reference Guide for your Social Media Designs

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Marketers and brands spend hours building a campaign or creating an advertisement online. While they put such long hours trying to articulate an idea in the best way possible, all it takes to ruin the campaign or advertisement is one wrongly used image. We understand that the image sizes for advertisements, picture posts for social networks always keep changing and …

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How to run a Cohorts analysis on Google Analytics?

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All marketing operation rests on the principles of STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning). While the constant struggle for  the marketers is to identify the right segments to get the right message across to the target audience. Google has made online segmentation easier by adding in a Cohorts analysis to its free Google Analytics offering. This kind of analysis is extremely …

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Four Elements Of Digital Agency

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Like any other business, Digital Agency also has its core elements. No matter whatever we do to improve the business and plan for growth, if we end up ignoring these basic elements, then things will fall apart sooner or later. Here are the four key elements to keep in mind when it comes to a day-to-day agency business.   1. …

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How Can Brands Leverage Facebook’s New Call-To-Action Buttons?


  On December 11, 2014, Facebook announced a major update for the marketers – Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons for the business pages on Facebook. This feature was in beta testing phase since quite a long time and Facebook has slowly started rolling out this to page owners. Luckily, I managed to get access to this important feature for one of the …

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Rantings & Ravings Of A Designer


  In an idealistic world, designers should have been the happiest people. Just think how lucky one should be to play around with colours, forms and space, aesthetically arranging elements to impart that stunning visual appeal. Designers are among those profound beings who can visualise, appreciate and create beauty accordingly to the need. Imagine all the consumables in the world …

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Web & Social Analytics: 10 Predictions for 2015

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  As we come to the end of another wonderful year, it seems like a perfect moment to start looking ahead to see what’s in store for the digital industry. Here’s presenting 10 awesome predictions related to Analytics. Do visit our section on the Google Technical Training Courses that we offer? 1. Real-Time Analytics will Rule We are going to move ahead from …

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SEO & Content Marketing: 15 Predictions for 2015

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  As we come to the end of another wonderful year, it seems like a perfect moment to start looking ahead to see what’s in store for the digital industry. As you know that it takes two to tango, SEO alone cannot stand tall as building content strategies is equally crucial. Both entities are so closely tangled up that you cannot …

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SEM & Display Advertising: 15 Predictions for 2015

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It’s that time of the year again – A time for fun, fanfare, happiness, wishes & blessings. And then, there are lists! From bucket lists to resolutions, from countdowns to predictions, from things that worked to things that didn’t. If you’re a marketer, there are more such lists, more such trends and more searching to do. Not to worry though, …

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