5 Ways to Generate Business from LinkedIn

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What comes to your mind when someone talks about social media? Facebook or Twitter? But how many of us would really consider LinkedIn as our marketing tool? Well, LinkedIn is the largest professional network & is a powerful tool for businesses. In this blog, you will know how to use this platform to generate more business from the web. Before …

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Lessons From The Top Facebook Pages

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “What goes into a good Facebook page?”, “How do I get more people to talk about my page?” or “We’re talking about drinks here there is only so much we can say!”. Well let’s take a look at some of the top Facebook beverage pages. Coming in first and third respectively on SocialBakers Top …

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Social Media Content That Works

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There are a number of companies on social media and each one is fighting for attention. So in this crowded marketplace, how does your page get noticed by users? The answer is remarkable content! In other words, you make your content to prompt your fans and followers to ‘remark’ i.e. like/ favourite, share/retweet, comment/reply. Every one of these gives you …

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Overview of Google Tag Manager – Part 1

Google Tag Manager Makes It Easy1 E13528404293301

Google recently came up with a new tool called Google Tag Manager for Tag management which is easy to implement, free and reliable. It gives greater flexibility to marketers in tracking and marketing optimization tags. One can sign up here for Google Tag Manager. Structure of Google Tag Manager Given below is the structure of Google Tag Manager: Account Container …

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Modern Marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist


Marketing is going the “digital” way and hence apart from being creative, marketers also need to stay up-to-date with technology. Technology has opened up many new platforms for marketing and also tools for measuring the impact of marketing campaigns. Data is now gaining more and more importance because it helps to track performance. Therefore, the modern day marketer is not …

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10 Tips For Running Successful Facebook Contests

Facebook Contest1

Have you been thinking of ultimately conducting a Facebook contest? Seems like everybody’s been doing it, everybody has things to give away and everybody seems to be happy about it. BUT Do FB contests actually work? Once a brand realizes that people like them, their base is growing, they want to keep them engaged. Therefore, Social Media has a lot …

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Let’s Walk You Through Enhanced Campaigns!

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Internet is now made available on many devices; hence people keep switching between devices to figure out what works best for them based on where they are and what they are looking for. Advertisers should bear this in mind and focus on reaching the right people in the right context, than just targeting on one specific device. AdWords Enhanced Campaign …

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4 Things Brands Should Keep in Mind Before Going Social


Being a marketer, I always look at the brand and its’ positioning in online media which in most case is an extension of their offline presence. Surprisingly, some brands have transitioned quite well from offline to online. On the contrary, some brands exist only in online media. I am here wearing the lens of a brand manager and taking a …

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Apps Apps Everywhere!

Mobile Apps1

With the usage of social media and digital technology increasing by the days, applications and games have become a very useful creation of technology to assist us in our daily activities. Whatever you may need help with, there is bound to be an app created out there to fulfill your needs. So you say you don’t understand what an app …

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Everything That’s New with Google AdWords [Q1 2013]

Google Adwords Updates1

Google Analytics and AdWords are 2 great tools that Google offers for marketers. These tools constantly get updated with new features and design changes to improve the experience of the users. In this post, I am going to walk through some of the most recent changes in Google AdWords. Google Adwords API Updates Advertisers can now export their ad campaigns from Google …

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