display advertising – adwords advanced training

Pass the Advanced Certification Exams (Display & Search), and ramp up your campaigns with Display Advertising Features in this 2 day workshop

Introduction to this Course

This Google AdWords workshop covers principles of Display Advertising, advanced topics of Search Advertising and prepares you for the Google AdWords Advanced Certification exam on Display Advertising. The curriculum is based on Google’s official Seminars for Success and Google Partners Academy programs.

This is an intermediate course, and it requires participants to either attend the Search Advertising with Google – AdWords Fundamentals course, or pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam at their own schedule. Business owners, marketing managers, media planners, web developers, copywriters, advertising executives and practitioners who need to learn the ins and outs of Google AdWords should attend this workshop.

On Day 2 of the course, all the participants will be encouraged to attempt an advanced Google AdWords Certification exam, and pass the Display Advertising exam. We include all the essential curriculum, and include many mock questions for preparation. The exam is computer-based, free of cost and we will include all the instructions participants need to register and attempt.

Summary of Training

Here are the key details for the course:

  • AdWords (Display Advertising & Advanced Topics): 23rd & 24th July 2015
  • Fees: S$1,500 S$1,000
  • Includes: Lunch, Refreshments, Digital Handouts, Certificate of Completion
  • Trainers: Rachit Dayal, Sanchit Mendiratta
  • Where: M Hotel, Anson Road, Singapore
  • Also Available As: A customized half-day, one-day or two-day corporate training for your company (contact us for more details)

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We offer early bird prices and discounts of up to 20% for groups & companies, and customized versions of this course for corporate trainings. For any further enquiries or questions,  email us at [email protected] or call us at (+65) 6653 8065.

The pre-requisite course for this workshop is Search Advertising with Google, and the follow-up course is Video Advertising with Google.

It’s recommended the courses are taken together as part of the Google Marketing Masterclass (9 days) or AdWords Certification Masterclass (5 Days) bundle of courses.

What will you learn in this Google AdWords (Display Ads) Course?

Paradigm Shifts

  • Zero Moment of Truth
  • The Power of Google Search
  • Conversion Bottlenecks

Display Ad Campaigns

  • Why Display Advertising?
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Placement Targeting
  • Interest & Topic Targeting
  • Remarketing
  • View Through Conversions

Advanced Optimization

  • 9 Key Optimization Tactics
  • McKinsey’s 7S applied to Digital
  • Helpful Resources

Search Advanced Certification Exam

  • Curriculum Overview
  • Recap of Search Fundamentals
  • Helpful Study Resources
  • Sample Questions

Display Advanced Certification Exam

  • Curriculum Overview
  • Recap of Display Fundamentals
  • Helpful Study Resources
  • Sample Questions

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Display Advertising with Google(2 Days, 23-24 July 2015)AdWords (Display Advertising) + Advanced Certification Exam)S$1,000 +GSTInformationRegisterPayment


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Digital Marketing Masterclass(14 Days, July – Sep 2015)Search Ads + Display Ads + Analytics + Video Ads + Facebook/Social + SEO + UI/UXS$5,850 +GSTInformationRegisterPayment
Google Marketing Masterclass(10 Days, July– Sep 2015)Search Ads + Display Ads + Analytics + Video Ads + SEO/ContentS$4,050 +GSTInformationRegisterPayment
Google AdWords Certification Masterclass(6 Days, July – Sep 2015)Search Ads + Display Ads + Video AdsS$2,250 +GSTInformationRegisterPayment