Sep 2011

Hey everyone, this is Rachit. For those of you who came to the GoMeasure events in Singapore and KL. This page contains some follow-up material for you.

About Rachit – Curious about the speaker? Here’s his bio and Google Analytics qualifications

Follow us on Twitter – We rarely post updates, but when they do – they go to our twitter feed here.

Google Analytics Trainings – We offer a wide variety of GA trainings for organizations – GA training details here.

Google Analytics Services – We help companies set up, manage & troubleshoot GA installations – GA company services here.

URL Tagging & Campaign Variables Presentation – The first, 12 minute presentation’s PPT slides – Google Analytics URL Tagging Tips at GoMeasure slides here (on slideshare) (or embedded below).

Google Analytics 101 Training – Master Slide Deck for the Longer Beginner Training (we didn’t cover all the slides, and it’s hard to put that exercise into words, right?) – Google Analytics 101 Beginner Training Slides here (on slideshare) (or embedded below).

Thanks again for dropping by – see you again soon! If you have any questions, feel free to sound off in the comments below or email us at