Happy Marketer | Social Media Marketing
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Social Media Marketing

Our Approach

The backbone of our social media strategy for all our clients is a “brand story”. A story that imbibes the brand values, a story that the customers can relate to. Stories have been the best way to make messages and information memorable because each story taps on a very unique “emotion”.

We work alongside our clients to help them discover their brand story and convey the same through innovative content, campaigns, contests and more across all relevant social media platforms. It is as simple as A to E!


Key Offerings

  • Channel Setup
  • Paid & Organic Fan Generation
  • Community Management
  • Campaign & Contests Management
  • Gamification & App Development
  • Content Creation & Creative Design
  • Customer Service & Crisis Management
  • Brand Monitoring & Sentiment Analysis
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Reporting

Top Clients