Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Having a beautifully designed website is one thing, using it is another. We design websites with a simple yet sophisticated content management interface backend that anyone with no web site design experience can use, and we’ll even train you how to use it.

Easy file uploading and content management

Now you have the power to easily change your website’s content instead of paying a web designer to do it. You can upload any type of file from word documents, excel, pictures, and even videos, all within one easy panel.

User Friendly Advanced Control Panel

Let’s you safely configure appearance & content, so you don’t have to touch the code.

Free Website Statistics

Track how many web site visitors come coming to our website, their geographic location, and what are they are looking at on your website – Google Analytics is a powerful business intelligence tool to track your website performance. We will also train your management how to use this tool effectively.

In Person Training on Website Maintainence

All too often, when businesses get new websites, its staff doesn’t have a clue how to use it to update / make changes to their web site designs. We will train the staff who need to update and maintain the site to use the site’s CMS software. We will provide clear documented instructions on how to use the CMS to its fullest potential.