Sep 2006

(And no, I wasn’t in it)

I just got an email in my inbox from Yanik Silver. Now, Yanik’s one of the most successful Internet Marketing gurus out there. And he deserves all the $$$ & family success he has.

What I didn’t know was that he was best bums with so many other famous people! He recently had a Road Trip in Vegas … supposedly for “Masterminding” business ideas … but just check out the guest list …

John Reese (made $1 million in one day)
Jeff Walker (guides every successful launch in IM)
David D & buddies (owns the largest dating business over the Internet)
Style aka Neil Strauss (best selling author and the world’s most famous Pick Up Artist)
… and Frank Kern, Jeff Johnson, Jason Potash, and more …

What I didn’t realize was that anyone who was famous over the Internet … basically knows everyone else. And all the guys here have built multi-million dollar businesses that provide passive income forever.

Yanik has some awesome stories and pictures of his duplex 2 bedroom suite in Las Vegas and the whole trip …

If you must read about one road trip of Rich people this week, let it be this one.


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