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The SEO industry is undergoing a huge change right now as Google tries to figure out how keep search relevant in the world of social media, location-aware and mobile driven changes. And marketers are finding that the definition of SEO is changing from ranking #1 on Google to showing up wherever people are searching, including YouTube, Facebook, TripAdvisor and many other places that people type queries in.

This SEO Training/Workshop is for companies in Singapore who are interested in driving vast amounts of search traffic & ranking on Page 1 for competitive keywords. Savvy marketing managers and webmasters who are already making investments into digital marketing will see the biggest gains from this practical, hands-on workshop.

  • Next Workshop (as part of our Social Media Marketing class):  10-11 April 2014
  • Also Available As: A customized half-day, one-day or two-day corporate training for your company
  • Trainers: Rachit Dayal and David Liem
  • Includes: Digital course material, Coffee & Snacks, Certificate of Completion

SEO Infographic – The six steps of a holistic SEO Campaign . Click for larger version

KARATE SEO Infographic

Next Course Date
2 Days: 10-11 April 2014
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The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Mastery Training is for companies and marketers interested in driving vast amounts of search engine traffic for competitive keywords and rising in the ranks for Google.

The training covers the latest technologies and strategies in the SEO community and equips participants with the knowledge needed to implement large search engine optimization projects in their organization. It will also cover how SEO is adapting to Social changes (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter), Location changes (FourSquare, Google Maps, Facebook Places), Mobile changes (smartphone search, tablet search) and keeping “findability” relevant in 2013.

It is designed for marketing professionals, sales executives, corporate communication officers and web/IT professionals. The training introduces the participants to the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization, ranking well on Google & Yahoo) – including budgeting, project management, keyword research, on-page optimization, link strategies and conversion optimization.

For this hands-on training, it is recommended that participants bring laptops with Internet connectivity. When participants are typically done with this training, they walk away having all the knowledge they need to manage and SEO project and have it executed by employees, vendors or agencies ably.

Over the course of the hands-on workshop, we’ll cover all the critical parts of Search Engine Optimization including

  • History of SEO
  • SEO vs SEM
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Link Bait Content
  • Site Architecture
  • SEO Dos and Donts
  • Link Building
  • Keyword Research
  • Social, Local, Mobile
The training covers many different aspects of search engine optimization, and the following team members should attend:

  • Copywriters – Who need to create content, and ensure keyword rich content is present on the site
  • Web Developers – Who need to understand the salient principles of designing SEO-friendly HTML
  • Marketing Professionals – Who need to learn how to track trends and pick the right keywords/messages
  • IT Management – Who need to understand all the pieces of an SEO project and manage the team
  • Marketing Management – Who need to understand the marketing message needed for SEO traffic
  • SEO Introduction & Keyword Research 
    In the first segment, we’ll understand the major tools available for research –  AdWords Keyword Tool, Alerts, Insights for Search, Ad Planner & Trends. We’ll also discuss the key differences between SEO (natural) and SEM (paid). Finally, we’ll discuss keyword research, selection in great detail.
  • Site Structure & SEO Copywriting 
    The most ignored aspect of SEO is internal site structure, and possibly the easiest way to get your rankings to perk up. Then, we’ll move on to how to integrate keywords into TITLE, Head and Body content and other principles of SEO Copywriting.
  • External Links & Authority 
    All things being equal, a site that has more incoming links will always rank higher.. Here, we’ll discuss how to create mechanisms for long term, consistent incoming links. This includes low quality links like directories, bookmarketing etc. And high quality links like news, blog and infographic links.
  • Problems and Exercises  
    SEO theory can be tough, especially for people without HTML experience. .
  • Enterprise SEO
    For the power SEO, Google provides a whole lot of options to tweak your listings include Author photos, sitemaps, webmaster tools, rich snippets, +1 buttons and various other tips and techniques needed by power users in large organizations for making a difference.
  • Social SEO
    People have now started spending time in a lot of search boxes outside of Google today – the huge volume of searches that happens on YouTube, Facebook, Slideshare, TripAdvisor and other local directories and site is huge. We’ll show you how to get more social visibility.
  • Location-aware SEO
    For many keywords, the first page is dominated with Maps and Local Listings results. And every business can benefit from this simple way to get more visibility. We’ll discuss location-aware SEO tactics including Google Maps, Facebook Places and FourSquare.
  • Mobile SEO
    Mobile strategy for search is different than desktop – people search for different phrases, expect different sites and convert very different from browsers to customers. Here, we’ll talk about what you need to thrive on smartphone and tablet searches.
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