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Know Your Trainers

Your hosts for 2 trainings will be David Liem and Prantik Mazumdar. You can reach them at @daveliem and @pranmaz if you have any questions or comments!

If you’d like to get to know your trainers better, watch this video below to learn more about them and Happy Marketer.


Training Agenda

Social Media Landscape 101
With the advent of Web 2.0 and Social Media, the Internet has transformed itself into a two-way communication platform with a plethora of tools & channels at our disposal. This session will provide an overview of the tools, global & local market size data, trends & analysis of the social media landscape

Social Media Case Studies from Singapore
Over the last two years, a lot of Singapore businesses and entities have made their way into social media. We would share some interesting, eye-catching, relevant case studies from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn campaigns, which would give MENDAKI’s management staff a better idea about the different platforms and their purposes and how Singapore entities are gradually embracing the medium.

Developing a Social Media campaign strategy
Currently, everyone wants to join the Social Media bandwagon but one must have a clear idea about the objective, goals & processes involved in this medium. This session will provide a framework to analyze & strategize a thorough social media communication campaign through the aid of local & global case studies.

Social Media KPIs & Engagement Metrics
Every organization, whether a public or private enterprise has business goals and KPIs and it is vital that our social media campaigns contribute to them meaningfully. This session will discuss the different qualitative & quantitative metrics used to measure the success of social media campaigns, especially in the public sector.

The importance of Analytics & Online Reputation Management
Social Media & Web 2.0 offer excellent avenues to help manage an organizations public relations and its online reputation. This final segment will share cases to illustrate the different tools & techniques that can be used to ‘Listen-Analyze & Respond’ to manage MENDAKI’s PR & reputation through social media.