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Rachit Dayal

[frame_right]https://www.happymarketer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/rachit175.jpg[/frame_right] Rachit Dayal, was Singapore’s first Marketing Professional to be certified by Google as a Qualified Advertising Professional in January 2006 and a Qualified Analytics Consultant in 2009. Rachit is an honours graduate from the National University of Singapore with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Technopreneurship. He also attended the prestigious NUS Overseas Colleges program and spent one year studying marketing at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA.

At Happy Marketer’s Consulting Practice, he handles all business relating to Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics, Website Usability and Online Marketing Strategy. Rachit is also a Master Practitioner of NLP certified by Dr Richard Bandler, the founder of NLP. He is also an Advanced Communicator in the Toastmasters International Public Speaking program.


Prantik Mazumdar


Prantik Mazumdar is a Partner at Happy Marketer and leads the Social Media, Mobile & Display Advertising practice.

In social media, he has extensive experience working with clientele in the public sector (NTUC, IE Singapore, iDA, CII, SICCI), educational institutes (UCLA-NUS, NTU, INSEAD, APMI Kaplan) and retail outlets (Cheers, Courts, Petstore, Brewerkz) Prantik began his career in the civil service with IE Singapore, where he helped companies establish their international presence.

Prantik is a devoted social media user with over 2,000+ Facebook friends, a LinkedIn network comprising of 1800+ professionals and a social media Klout© score of 60.


Sanchit Mendiratta

[frame_right]https://www.happymarketer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Sanchit-Mendiratta.jpg[/frame_right]Sanchit Mendiratta, is a certified Google AdWords and Analytics professional with 7 years of technology industry experience. He has worked in diverse geographies like Singapore, India, Australia and Israel as part of multicultural teams to provide enterprise software solutions. He is a techno-geek with a passion for new technology products and a penchant for tackling new challenges in the digital marketing space.

At Happy Marketer, he is the go-to guy for our clients in Search Engine Marketing, Data Analytics, Social Apps, Gamification and Online Marketing Strategy. He is a certified Google Partner Academy Trainer and loves to talk on all-things-digital.

He is an engineering graduate with a specialisation in Computer Science. Post that he completed a post graduate in business management with a focus on information technology and digital marketing. He also attended the entrepreneurship program management program certified by Tata Group and National Entrepreneurship Network, India.