Jul 2012

It was that time during the semester when everyone was busy preparing for exams and more importantly applying for summer internships, when I first got to know about Happy Marketer Pte. Ltd. from someone in the NUS Career Centre. The name sounded interesting and so did the job scope. For the first time, I was applying to a company that needed everything I had learnt or was passionate to learn in future. So, after a small Skype chat with one of the partners David Liem, and a few emails later, I finally knew my summer plans!

I am a big Facebook addict (like half the world :P) and anything that happens in real life should somehow reflect on my Facebook account. Hence, 3 new friends got added to my friends list and 1 new page to my page likes! Now, began the stalking! I started finding out more about the company and the people and trust me it was so much fun! I came across the Happy Hour Videos and the other fun videos on their YouTube Channel and I went like “WOW” I am gonna have so much fun with these guys! Since then till now it has been one heck of a journey with the growing Happy Marketer family. I made some more new friends, some working from India and some from Singapore and I must say every single person has been so important in making me feel what I feel right now about Happy Marketer. If you let me, I can go on and on about them but let me just give you 5 reasons as to why an internship at Happy Marketer is so amazing!

Reason #1: Super Passionate People = Workplace Infected With Energy!
I believe in either doing the work I am passionate about or being passionate about the work I do. Work becomes so much more exciting for you and others around you when you are passionate about it and it becomes so much easier to give your best. David, Prantik and Rachit were the first three people I met who were so excited about Social Media and Digital Advertising. All of a sudden, Social Media Marketing became this super cool thing which was so much more than updating a Facebook page. The belief that these guys and the rest of the team have in their work and in what they are doing makes me believe that my love for social media can definitely take me where I want. Passion never goes unnoticed and I am definitely not surprised to see the kind of clients they manage to get.

Reason #2: Amazing Mentors = So Much Learning!
Life is all about learning and there is no age limit to it. At Happy Marketer, I have learnt so much every single day. You need not always learn something big or something very difficult. Small little simple things that we learn can make a huge difference. I am so glad that I am getting to learn the hard core Digital Advertising stuff like SEO, SEM but the tiny little things that I grasp everyday makes this journey unforgettable. My enthusiasm to learn is maybe responsible for this to some extent but more importantly it is the people here at Happy Marketer who make all the difference. I get to be a part of every project in some way or the other and I learn some aspect of digital advertising from each one of them. People here, be it the partners of the company, or employees or other interns are always willing to help me out and teach me what they know. Sometimes we all just end up learning something new together. I actually got the chance to attempt online certification tests and attend loads of webinars which I would have never known of otherwise. I even got to attend client meetings, know about cool stuff like video shoots and cameras and also be a part of some offline campaigns.

Reason #3: Bean Bags + Space Invaders = Super Cosy Work Environment

Yes that’s right! We have space invaders on our walls and a super big Google bean bag just comfy to have an afternoon nap or read a book. A personalized office is so much more welcoming. I love going to office because it doesn’t feel like one. We also have a tiny collection of interesting books which we can borrow anytime. This place has a professional feel to it which makes us all work but at the same time the cosiness makes sure that we have fun and feel comfortable while working!

Reason #4: Many Many Discussions = A Chance To Listen and Be Heard!
Here at Happy Marketer, we have this culture of sharing anything good we come across. The sharing can be through emails or just by starting a random discussion in office. Presentations and brainstorming sessions also make sharing so much fun. It has not only enabled me know about so many new things happening in the field of Digital Advertising but also made me more active when it comes to reading and following blogs. Everyone respects everyone else’s opinion and that is one of the things that always makes me feel included.

Reason #5: All Crazy People = So Much FUN!
Trust me! Everyone here is so awesome at their work BUT everyone has their crazy side! Some of us like posing in Panda costumes, some like sharing insanely funny YouTube videos, and some just like bugging their neighbours! If we are bored and lazy one afternoon, we just go for a drink! Work is so much more fun when everyone gets to be who they are! We celebrate small little things and that bonds us together!
After listing these five reasons, I have like so many more in my head! No work politics, no random ego issues, no hierarchy! Can it BE more perfect? (Chandler Bing: Big Fan!). I am so grateful to every single person who made me fall in love with marketing and more importantly THE HAPPY MARKETER FAMILY!

Khyathi Nirmal Kumar

Khyathi is the Lead for the Technology & Education verticals at Happy Marketer.