Jul 2012

Pepe finds its cool dude – the Pepe guy through Facebook

“Are you Pepe”… Well I am Pepe’d by this digital campaign which kicked off in May 2012 through Facebook to find the coolest dude and the person who carries The Pepe Attitude. This campaign was also the launch of Pepe Fashion India Facebook page.

The hunt was run on a Facebook app, and driven through the wall and the winner was to get a 7 days trip to London.    There was ample support and coverage in all traditional media – one that was spectacular was the Radio One94.3 FM Pepe chickas campaign comprising of an imaginary group of girls. This gang of girls from London have personalities that reflect the international flavour of brand Pepe and speak with a British accent.

The preliminary round started with an Attitude Aptitude quiz, followed by ‘The Head Turner’ test and ‘The Face of Fame’, where contestants had to upload their ‘cool dude’ looking pictures and get votes. Finally, based on the scores and number of votes, 10 people were selected for the Final Face-Off. The 10 finalists were given  tasks like find a way to get out of an awkward situation, giving a witty caption to a set of images, get a picture clicked with a group of girls to  know their ‘babe magnetism’ etc.

The striking fact was that  a Facebook centred campaign  supported by the other media- print, Radio, Outdoor and Instore – a clear integrated campaign with  its core on Facebook platform.  The campaign did well to get 1350 entries with a current fan base 186,248.  The predominant age group for this page  is 18- 24 years old giving the brand a reach to their target group. This was a well-crafted, short campaign and its apps did justice.

The content management on the time line is quite good and relevant – the topic was contemporary and not alone the sales offers, where many brands miss this vital piece of engaging with content. Looking forward for more Pepe tips. 😉


Siljith Kandyil

is a Digital Marketing enthusiast, dabbling with tech ideas. He is currently the Operations Head of Happy Marketer and he also manages Happy Marketer’s Bangalore office. Siljith loves Che, Maradona and Steve Jobs in that order.