Jul 2016

Marketing Quotes

As a marketer, have you ever been in search of inspiration for your upcoming campaign or project?

At Happy Marketer, we’re constantly inspired by fellow digital marketers in Singapore and around the world.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 11 inspiring quotes from successful marketers at Unilever, IBM and other leading organisations.

#1: Using content to build relationshipsAndrew Davis

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are based on trust. Trust drives revenue.” (Click to Tweet)

Andrew Davis, Content marketing speaker and best-selling author


Jay Baer#2: Amplifying your content reach through social media

 “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” (Click to Tweet)

Jay Baer, Marketing and customer service keynote speaker 




Stephen Kim

#3: Tailoring your social media marketing to fit your brand identity

“Observing social media phenomenon is one thing—leveraging this trend for advertising purposes is quite another. While most companies recognize the value of social media advertising opportunities, not many have figured out how to execute these kinds of campaigns.”

Stephen Kim, Vice President, Global Accounts, AOL

  #4: Engaging customers through design             Keith Weed

 “The biggest thing that drives engagement is the quality of the    creative.” (Click to Tweet)

– Keith Weed, Chief marketing officer, Unilever


Anne Phey#5: Understanding the importance of big data, and knowing what constitutes it

“You don’t understand big data if you don’t consider that infrastructure is critical to your success.”

Anne Phey, Director, Industry, Content & Server Solutions Marketing, IBM 



Jeremy Han#6: Keeping yourself grounded, even after early success

“Early success makes (businesses) resistant to change, to innovation, to continuous learning, and to feedback. Success has a way of binding a person’s mindset to resist change, relying on old ways that worked. Start on the right footing, and save the headache later.”

Jeremy Han, Director of corporate strategy, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

Daniel Lee#7: Nurturing your customers post-purchase

“The customer journey doesn’t end at the destination.”

Daniel Lee, Senior Director – Digital Acceleration, McDonald’s




Malcolm Fitzgerald

#8: Leveraging your existing assets to increase customer satisfaction

“(To) increase competitive advantage and customer satisfaction, leverage your assets such as knowledge your staff have and strong customer service through mechanisms such as click-to-call, web chat, and social interaction.”

Malcolm Fitzgerald, Chief product and technology officer, PropertyGuru 

Pranoti Israni#9: Breaking gender stereotypes in the tech world

“It’s more about attaining a fine balance between masculine and feminine qualities. The attitude of giving 100 per cent to everything made it possible for (me) to not compromise one for another.”

– Pranoti Nagarkar Israni, Co-founder and CTO, Zimplistic Inventions


Ajay Mohan#10: Hiring talent for the digital age

“With the marketing function quickly evolving, its strategy for talent has to keep up as well. The function no longer calls for traditional marketing skills, as it has been known, but is looking for a diverse group of people.”

                 – Ajay Mohan, Director, Partner & End User Marketing at Intel

Chiradeep Gupta#11: Prioritizing two-way marketing strategies

“The reality today is that digital platforms are interactive and therefore enable responses and actions which are real-time. So the metric evaluating the medium has to capture not only exposure but interactions.”

                                        – Chiradeep Gupta, Global Media Director, Unilever


So what’s the bottom line?  

As digital marketers, we must constantly be learning and growing. The best way to do that is to learn from successful marketers who have been there, done that!

Are you inspired to launch your next successful digital marketing initiative? Our award-winning digital marketing services will help.

Anupama Hedge