Aug 2019

New projects call for great plannings that are aimed to achieve client success. As things vary from client to client, not every time would project managers foresee critical situations or factors that could potentially add up to one. And sometimes, these situations can lead to the most stressful and undesired outcome, i.e. project failure. But in this fast-paced digital world, do project managers have enough time to brood over failures?

Yes, that’s the same question that I asked myself a couple of weeks back. After delivering a successful project, when I was asked to project manage a new one, many a thing didn’t fall in the right place, ultimately leading to a downsized scope from the client’s side. 

As the project is now coming to an end, I quickly reflected and compiled the following deck that covers 14 project management lessons that I learnt from the unsuccessful project, with the aim of carrying them forward to my next project. 

If you have chanced upon this, do check out the piece below. I’d love to know your thoughts, if any!

Rittika Das
Rittika Das

Analytics Consultant, meticulous and adventurous 🧗‍♀️

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