Jun 2015

The new design is phenomenal, the coding is complete, the site is migrated and new website is live. Its time to sitback and give yourselves a pat in the back. However after the huge flurry of visitors and the press coverage, the traffic and leads from your website is trickling – almost zero. You are not generating leads online.

Sounds familiar – time to pull up the socks and get back to the drawing board.

A good website and a consistent message across mediums are important for your website to resonate with your audience and start generating leads. While most organisations spend a lot of effort getting their website ready however they ignore other online marketing methods to fully utilize the website.

Lead generation from your online presence is easy and we have a checklist of tweaks to help you get started.

Hack #1 Improve your rankings by building quality Inbound Links

Imagine what liberty you’re giving to your potential clients to draw conclusions about your company when they aren’t finding your website listed on the search results!

Start working towards obtaining a place in the results page by strengthening your website through off page SEO.

 Hack #2 Get a head start with on-page SEO 

Heaping pages with keywords is not the solution for getting your website optimized organically. You need to keep the SEO juice flowing continuously through the headlines, sub-headlines, body content, and image tags but only in the right amount. Dont have the right team look out for a seo services agency.

 Hack #3 Direct old links to the new page

A little carelessness can lead to a loss of innumerable business opportunities. Don’t upset your prospective clients by making them view a “Page Not Found” or a “404 message” because of broken links of your website. Use a permanent 301 Redirect to change an old URL to a new one.

Hack #4 Is your website’s look and feel creating customer delight? 

‘First Impressions are the most Lasting’, an idiom that may sound clichéd, but is most suitable considering aspects such as your website design and content. Besides welcoming visitors, all features of your website should work in tandem to facilitate navigation through the pages with clear and crisp content. Clients of the current times are smart and can easily sift genuine business concerns from the lot with a glimpse of the websites. Therefore, it is advisable not to overdo things in the haste of increasing the conversion rate.

Hack #5 Generate Leads with effective Calls-to-Action

Do not be under the wrong impression that calls-to-action is meant only for e-commerce sites. It is absolutely essential for you to close the loop of communication by telling the visitors, loudly and clearly, about the next step that they can take, eg: “Download Now”, “Try it for FREE”.


If these 5 website hacks have got you going, download our whitepaper with easy to implement suggestions to get you started with lead generation online.



Belmond Victor

Belmond currently leads the Inbound Marketing practice at Happy Marketer. His interests lie in SEO, Analytics and Marketing Automation.