Jul 2016

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

When marketing skills meet sales skills, you get what is popularly known as social selling. LinkedIn is a great social selling platform for marketers, and we give you 3 exclusive LinkedIn marketing tips (with real-life examples) to increase your sales in Singapore.

So, without further ado:

Here’s your 3-step guide to becoming a LinkedIn thought-leader: 

Tip #1: Be original to generate original leads

DO: Share original content  

Influencers value original content, especially when you are sharing it exclusively with them.

LinkedIn Marketing Example              

DON’T: Share too much curated content

McKinsey may be a big digital agency, but content from your own agency/brand will make you seem like a thought-leader.

Social Selling Example


Tip #2: Personalize your content, but not too much

DO: Share a quote from the article 

A quote is personal, and catches people’s attention.

Influencer Marketing in Singapore Example

DON’T: Hyper-personalize content

The influencer below is from the real estate industry, but that doesn’t mean he wants to read only real estate-related content!

Influencer Engagement Example


Tip #3: Have a conversation 

DO: One-on-one communication

Try replying insightfully to another person’s piece of content. People love to discuss their own work.

LinkedIn Engagement Example

DON’T: Mass communication

Tagging 3 people in one post seems impersonal, and as if you haven’t thought enough about their individual interests.

Social Media Selling Example

 And before we go…here are some bonus tips on how to create sales-driving content!

We’ve discussed best practices for your LinkedIn marketing strategies in Singapore, but what content should you use to engage influencers and be seen as a thought-leader?

Live by these 3 tried-and-tested principles to create compelling content:

  1. Get your headline right. Use CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer tool
  2. Share content your prospects want. See what they’re sharing and give them more of what they like
  3. Distribute on the right channels. Analytics is your best friend to discover which channels work for you

We hope you’re now keen to combine your marketing and sales skills to become a LinkedIn marketing master in Singapore.

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