Nov 2018

Writing a resume is an art – you are expected to have the skill of summarising your entire career on a single page. 


If you want your resume to amaze a recruiter and say “Let’s hire this guy!”, please avoid these common mistakes:

1. Where’s the attachment? 

  • It may sound ridiculous, but I’ve seen multiple emails with missing attachments or contact details.
  • You may probably have a tremendous amount of experience, but we would like to know more about it.
  • In other cases, I’ve received many resumes through LinkedIn’s Easy Apply option without any resume. attachments and upon checking the LinkedIn profiles, they are not up to date. This shows that you don’t care about the role that you are applying for and are just blindly fishing. 


2. A recruiter is not a psychic

It is the utmost basic information, but you have no idea how many applicants with amazing resumes forget to include their contact details. Your resume should always include details on how recruiters can reach out to or connect with you. You should ensure that you furnish the following:

  • Full name
  • Email address – This should be your personal email ID that you check regularly just in case you receive a follow-up email from the recruiter.
  • Phone number – Ensure that you provide your mobile number and not house number or even your current company’s number that could lead to a disaster!
  • Current city of residence – No need for the full address, but just the name of the city so that recruiters are aware of your location.
  • LinkedIn URL – Many recruiters prefer to see a LinkedIn profile rather than a resume because they are able to learn more about you through the recommendations, your posts and reading behaviour.
  • Personal website or blog – Especially important for someone applying for a creative role, as you can leverage this asset to showcase different aspects of your persona.  

3. It’s a resume, not a novel

The average time a recruiter spends looking at a resume is about 5 – 7 seconds. They don’t have time to read 10 pages in Arial size 8 font with a single line spacing. Your rule of thumb should be 1 page for every 10 years of experience. 


4. We don’t want to know that

Always keep it simple and put information related to professional experience. We don’t want to know the name of your elementary school, your marital status, your religion or even see your photo. According to, the chances of you being rejected for a job application is 88% if you have a photograph of yourself on your resume. So don’t reveal what is not necessary. 


5. Read it again and again

Spelling or grammar mistakes on your resume is a turnoff. It will create an assumption that you are not a detail oriented person. Always ask a few friends to check your resume, as they might not only spot a few errors but also provide you with a second opinion on how to improve it.

A resume is the first impression of your potential employer, so amaze them by creating an impressive resume, customise it according to the role that you apply, convince them that you meet all the requirements, show them why you are perfect for the job and make them say “Let’s hire this guy!”


Mela Anwar
Mela Anwar

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