Aug 2016

Facebook Hashtags

Hashtags were originally a unique feature of Twitter. But the social media world moves fast, and Google+ and Facebook soon introduced hashtags too.

Is it a good thing that Facebook has introduced hashtags as well?

In short, yes! Enabling hashtags on Facebook allows marketers and brands to explore trending topics. This is something that was too cumbersome or even impossible to do manually. Hashtags are also a great way to follow and facilitate conversations. So if you are a brand using Facebook (who isn’t?), here are 5 reasons why you should be using hashtags: 

Reason 1: Index conversations with #s

Hashtags on Facebook make conversations indexable. There is always a lot of chatter on Facebook but no easy way to group those conversations. Hashtags allow grouping of conversations, which is very useful for brands when running themed contests or campaigns.  

Reason 2: Group fan page content with #s

Brands post about a variety of things on their Facebook page. Some even post a weekly or monthly round-up of popular posts/updatesHashtags will now make it easier for brands to group the content on their page.

Reason 3: Understand your fans better with #s

Social networks are one of the most important platforms for brands and marketers to reach their audiences. Each network has its unique value proposition. The demographics of users on Facebook are different from those on Twitter. Therefore, brands that are focused largely on Facebook can now understand the topics that their fans are interested in on Facebook specifically. They can “listen” to their fans, and deliver topical and appropriate content.  

Reason 4: Achieve better “contextual” targeting with #s

Facebook ads help in reaching the right audience through their extensive targeting options. Now, with hashtags, Facebook will have so much more information about the topics that people are talking about. Hence, brands will have better targeting options for Facebook ads and sponsored stories. 

Reason 5: Improve your Graph Search with #s

Hashtags might also aid in improving Graph Search. While Graph Search is the best search that Facebook has had till date, there is always room for improvement. Hashtags will help Facebook provide answers to more complex queries and help marketers know more about their fans. For example, marketers might be able to search for the topics that people who like a particular page are talking about.

Personally, I feel that Facebook is doing a great job in making itself clutter-free and transforming into a social network that brands can leverage on. Moreover, I love using hashtags as they give context to anything you share online.

How is your brand using hashtags on Facebook?

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Khyathi Nirmal Kumar

Khyathi is the Lead for the Technology & Education verticals at Happy Marketer.