Jan 2016

About to brief your social media creative team on the latest client requirement? Hold up! Here’s a handy guide on what not to do.

Too much information (it’s called a brief for a reason!)

Don’t: We don’t want unnecessary details. Nor should your Single Minded Proposition consist of a whole list of pros of the product.

Do: We just have one question: What is the one thing you want to dramatise?

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No jargon

Don’t: Use jargon, sales talk, roundabout marketing terminologies! Terms like “Q3 yields are off by 12%” mean nothing to us and it makes the task so much more difficult (and annoying)! Nobody likes digging through all this to arrive at the actual requirement.

Do: Keep your audience in mind — the audience for your brief being the creative team. Use simple terminology and inspiring language that’ll engage us & get us thinking.

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Proposition first


Don’t: Start the brief with background/ evidence, before moving on to the client requirement and then lead up to the proposition.

Do: Give us the proposition right at the go. Creative professionals are intuitive people, so a lot of bare facts right at the beginning can be confusing and distracting.

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Get client approval – Carry out rebriefing

Don’t: Brief us, have us do the entire work and then find out that that was not what the client had asked for at all. Reworking a misinterpreted brief involves a lot of wasted time and effort.

Do: After preparing the creative brief, get it confirmed by the client once again. This makes sure that the brief actually understands what the client wants and helps ensure that it is not missing anything important!

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Do your research & give us the right info

Don’t: Simply give us a superficial understanding (the Who, What, Whys) and leave it at that. Don’t also just include a bunch of links and leave it to us to dig through it and arrive at the relevant points. This leaves scope for confusion & misinterpretation.

Do: Include stuff that’s also relevant. For example – Has a client tried a particular approach in the past that didn’t work out well for them? Is the client very partial to a particular tone of voice? Let us know in the brief! Saves us from making avoidable mistakes.

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Sanhita Mukherjee