Dec 2018

Did you recently become a digital consultant? Or have you been in this job role for a while now? Regardless, the challenges faced are more or less the same. And when I say challenges, I don’t mean just one or two but six different buckets of challenges that I have identified over the last six months from my day to day work. 


Before I begin to discuss more, I want to share what inspired me to write this blog (and the next few series). Over the last few years at Happy Marketer, I had the opportunity to work on several projects of different capacities, ranging from conducting industry researches to creating pitch decks for the sales process, to consulting clients on digital strategy and transformation. During this time, these engagements gradually built the urge within me to see what my research and strategy work would culminate into. Therefore, when the opportunity of account consultation for a bunch of new clients was thrown at me, I grabbed it with a lot of excitement and a wee bit of anxiety that one usually feels at the onset of a new role. Six months in, and when I look back at my journey, I can’t stop myself from patting my back because although there were a good number of highs and lows, most importantly I have had (and continue having) my fair share of learnings every day.

Since Happy Marketer moved away from the account management structure, towards a more “Client-First” structure, it focused on developing deeper and more complex executive strategies. While managing their expectations on a day-to-day basis, working closely with the in-house team to deliver results and grow the account through upsells and cross-sells, maintaining client and the team’s satisfaction levels, and  advising clients on their short-term and long-term plans, I got the chance to be a part of the action happening on the other side of sales, for clients from the industries of retail, medicine and hospitality.

But today, I’m not going to talk about the awesome work that we have been delivering (you can keep an eye on the awards’ list of the upcoming year for this ;)). I’m not even going to talk about the characteristics of an ideal digital consultant, that you can already find in a lot of listicles. I believe that a good digital consultant is created with time, experience and in someone who is a lifelong learner.

This blog is dedicated to my fellow digital consultants (new and the one with tons of experience) who are interested in discussing the problems that get solved silently in the background of great campaigns and want to learn from each others’ experiences.

For the ease of understanding and discussion, I have clubbed the challenges under six different buckets, which are as follows and will be discussed in the subsequent blogs:

  • People Management What are the expectations, inhibitions or fears of the client and how can they be managed well?
  • Client Product/ Technology What are the issues with the client product/ technology? How can they affect the results of the project?
  • Campaign Planning & Management – Has the delivery team received the complete brief? Is there a lack of process in planning out the campaign?  
  • Tracking & Reporting – Are the conversion trackers in place? Do the reports have any insights or are they just filled with mere data dumps?
  • Finance & Operations – Has there been an overspent than the approved budget? What happens if the government permit to run the campaign is canceled?
  • Time Management – Is the time difference between the teams who work in different parts of the world hindering the campaign?

These are just teasers aimed to give you a sense of what you can expect to be covered under each of the buckets. The upcoming blogs are going to be deep-dives into each of the six categories of challenges, together with some personal anecdotes and suggestions on how they can be solved.

If you think that there’s more that can be added to the list then don’t forget to drop in your comments below. Start shooting your thoughts now, while I get back to my desk to pen down my next piece! 🙂

Rittika Das
Rittika Das

Analytics Consultant, meticulous and adventurous 🧗‍♀️

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