Jul 2019

I believe we have seen the worst amount of online negativity for the past few weeks ever since James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s beef occurred. Well, if you do not know what went down in the online beauty guru community, here’s the gist of it. 

The main takeaway from this online “tea” is that it is evident that social media is a double-edged sword. It can make or break someone’s career to the extent that James Charles had received numerous death threats and was being used as clickbait for content online by drama channels and even mainstream news media. While on the other hand, Tati had used her online platform publicly shaming James for his flaws which had a turmoil for him. Not forgetting leading tumultuous applause for Tati on the online community as she was being praised for being “brave”.

After watching the drama, it is extremely prevalent that there is so much toxicity circulated online nowadays. Everyone just spreads rumours and creates dark memes that are absolutely uncalled for. Truth be told, this tea is just the tip of the iceberg! But, are we going to do anything about it?

Thankfully, there’s still hope in this humanity as some of the influencers and brands use their platforms to inculcate positivity and encouragement. Take a look at Nike’s Find Your Greatness Campaign which is a simple ad campaign that inculcates positivity and motivation to the audience. As you all know that the current generations spend way too much time scrolling through social media, why not make the best out of it! And we strongly encourage everyone to do so in building a positive community through content creation. Hey, a ripple effect works if everyone does their part (including brands) !  😉 

This is why the #SpreadHappiness challenge has been created. This 30 days, we would like to challenge you, the brand in creating fun, engaging, encouraging and positive content for your feed. Plus, you’ll never know who will you inspire or save. 

This also serves as a content calendar for you when your creativity has been stifled. #alwayson #gram

More importantly, this helps in creating a more encouraging and positive online community that the world truly needs these days!

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Nicole Choo