Jul 2020


Hi! My name is Amy, I am an Associate Consultant – Performance Marketing at Happy Marketer.

It’s been 4 months since we have started working from home and I truly miss my office and my colleagues! My day at the office would start with a cup of masala tea which would keep me energized for the rest of the day. The day usually ends with a game of foosball which helps to release our stress. Awaiting the day to go back to the office. 

Happy Marketer always had a flexible work system. This has always given me time to help my parents with household chores or grocery runs. Before COVID, I had traveled to the USA for 1.5 months. I was able to work from there without any hiccups with this flexible system which prove to be helpful for me. Happy Marketer believes that you can work from anywhere but need to get your work done on time and the work should not get affected.

I believe that during this period although we are unable to meet our colleagues physically,  we make sure to keep in touch with them through zoom calls or teams. The communication and bonding with them as well as with clients have increased a lot.

The quarantine period got me kind of drawing. I have always loved drawing but somehow never got a chance to do it, so I thought why not start with it! While drawing I find peace of mind. Now every weekend I make sure to work on at least one drawing. I just hope to continue with this hobby once everything goes back to routine.

The best part about working from home is being able to spend so much time together with the family (mom, dad, and me). My dad has always been traveling since I was in school which limits his time with family. I am grateful for this period as he has been at home for four months without stepping outside. It has given us a lot of family time, and we have started activities like playing cards or board games, watching movies or cooking.

Work from home has been great for me as I have a more relaxed start to my day instead of rushing to work. I achieve a much better work-life balance when I work from home. Knowing I have time to spend with my family allows me to be much more productive than commuting to an office and wasting time traffic.

Amy Bhimani
Amy Bhimani

Associate Consultant – Performance Marketing, Amy is the perfect example of a team leader, she can handle high pressure when necessary but also be an empathetic friend when you are in need!

At work, she is passionate about the ever evolving digital marketing 💻 and strives to deliver the best results to our clients 🤝

Off work, you will find her reading book 📖, watching movies 🎬 and now drawing 🎨 Post-covid she would like to start with her love for exploring new places ⛰️ or traveling 🛫