Nov 2006

Last night (before an evening of pool, cards & beer with the boys), I saw a movie.

An Inconvenient Truth … is a movie by Al Gore (the guy who was supposed to be America’s next President in 2000, remember?). Unlike all the recent politi-documentaries … this one was about something different.

This was a movie about global warming. I know, doesn’t sound very exciting … but when an ex-vice president of America talks about a topic other than politics, I listen out of respect to the man who got cheated out of the US Presidency.

Surprisingly, the usually boring Al Gore makes some very good points about global warming. In fact, the statistics and facts he digs up are really shocking! We are screwing up the earth really bad … even worse than the last 7 ice ages!

I won’t go into the complete movie … it’s a well-made movie (Still, it’s not compelling and fast-moving and controversial …. like let’s say Fahrenheit 9/11). But it left me thinking about what I’m doing in my daily life … that’s screwing up the world for future generations. I’d recommend all my readers go spend 97 minutes to watch this movie while it’s still playing.

The easiest ways that YOU can help Global Warming

In the meantime, here are the top 10 ways to help the earth (according to the movie’s official website – )

  • Change A Light
    Replacing one regular light bulb with an energy-efficient alternative will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide each year
  • Drive Less
    Walk, bike, carpool or mass transit wherever you can. You’ll save one pound of CO2 for every mile you don’t drive
  • Recycle More
    You’ll save 2400 pounds a year by just recycling half of your household waste each year
  • Check Your tires
    Well pumped tires can improve efficiency by 3%. Every gallon of gas saved, saves 20 pounds of CO2 from going into the air
  • Use Less Hot Water
    It takes a lot of energy to heat up water. So lower your showerhead and wash your clothes in cold water
  • Avoid Products With A Lot Of Packaging
    You’ll save 1200 pounds of CO2 by cutting your garbage by 10%
  • Plant A Tree
    A single tree will absorb over one ton of CO2 over its life time
  • Turn off electronic devices
    Turn off your TV, computers & DVD players when you’re not using them can make a huge difference to the world (and your PUB bill too!)
  • Talk About It
    Discuss this problem in your household and friends, watch An Inconvenient Truth on DVD (it comes is completely recycled packaging) and take a little bit of consistent action every day!

I don’t know about you … but I’m excited by the prospect … that my little actions can make a difference to the world!

Did this post spark your interest?

So, if this post interested you … then

  • go watch the movie – An Inconvenient Truth is playing in GV theatres in Singapore
  • read this blog posting again, and think about the ways in which you can help our planet earth
  • visit the website and
  • watch the trailer below … go on, click the big play button

Peace on earth!

Rachit Dayal

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