09 Mar 4 Social Media Trends You Need To Know In 2017

Social Media Marketing Singapore

2016 was an interesting year for social media.

It’s the year that Snapchat emerged out of the shadows, evolved into Snap Inc. and created a new segment of wearables while everyone else got busy copying them. Instagram became more like Snap and suddenly filters and ‘Stories’ became the rage. Facebook started the year with 'Live' coming to personal profiles, but was highly criticised over its handling of fake news. Through all this, Twitter remained struggling and has failed to make a turnaround. 

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06 Oct 8 Ways to become a better storyteller through Social Media

Marketing has never been easy. However, with the rise of social media, balancing the limited attention span and the overload of information and advertisement makes it even harder. Brands and products must be able to connect within seconds in order to convey a message to the consumer. To counteract this situation, there has been a development in recent years to use the ancient art of storytelling to regain consumer attention 

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