27 Oct How Ad Blockers Actually Help Online Ads

Breaking news: Apple is supporting Adblock Plus on iOS 9 Safari browsers, thus taking away a large cohort of audiences who use iPhones for browsing the Internet. Many reports state that monthly user counts for the Adblock feature will go beyond 250 million by the end of 2015 (Source: PageFair). Interestingly, total mobile ad spending is expected to rise 430% by 2016 (Source: eMarketer).

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31 Aug Ace Your Marketing Strategy with 14 Types of Data

At a Glance

Attend any marketing event and you’ll hear the word ‘data’ ringing throughout the day. Data - big or small, is now widely recognized as the most important currency in growing business. The good news is that contrary to popular belief, ‘data’ is not strictly for the whiz kids who’ve enjoyed statistics all their lives - it’s for anyone who believes in the power of ‘insight’ and the opportunities it can lead one to. Today, marketing-specific data revolves around studying the consumer behavior of your target audiences, in the light of how they interact with your products and services, as well as looking at who you should actually be marketing to. 

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