Jun 2019

“Be There, Be Useful, and Be Responsible.

A well-crafted message for every marketer that was shared at Google’s Google Marketing Live (GML) last month, the annual marketing conference for advertisers held in San Francisco, CA.

For me, this conference was an early Christmas because Google launched cutting-edge innovative ad formats and new Machine Learning (ML) tools to assist marketers in reaching out to and targeting the right audiences regardless of the ecosystem changes.

#1 – Feed-based Ads gets a Facelift with Discovery Ads:

How many of you remember Google unveiling Google Discover last September? Now, they’re introducing a new way to advertise on it. Discovery Ads provide an open canvas for advertisers to engage consumers in a swipeable image carousel. And the best part you can serve them across the different Google properties such as the YouTube home feed, Gmail promotions tab,  and the Google Discover feed.

#2 – Gallery Ads:

Google set out to combine the intent of search with a more interactive and visual ad format. Gallery Ads allow advertisers to combine compelling images and copy to serve prospects their offerings on the search network. This option brings the Google brand awareness closer to Social Ads.Initial Alpha results have shown campaigns that leverage Gallery Ads have experienced an increase in user interactions of up to 25% on an average.

#3 – App Deep Linking for Google Ads:

App deep linking is coming to Google Ads across Search, Display and Shopping Ads, including the reporting capability across web and apps which works on  both IOS and Android platforms.

#4 – Big Improvement to Smart Bidding:

This announcement was hugely applauded by the Marketers during the keynote as this new revolutions bring so much of relieve in our day to day campaign management.


  • Campaign-level conversion goals: If you have a campaign dedicated to a single conversion goal such as increasing in-store visits, you can now optimize all of your bids within the campaign for that specific goal.
  • Conversion action sets: If you want to optimize your bids across several campaigns, you can create a set of desired conversion actions.
  • Seasonality adjustments: If you have an upcoming sale or event that you expect to increase conversion opportunities, Google Ads will optimize your bids for that time period and return back to normal after.

#5 – Bumper Machine:

One of the biggest hurdles for Video Advertising has been Video Asset Creation. But with the launch of Bumper Machines, that problem has been taken care of. Based on a longer video creative, this tool makes use of ML capabilities such as brand elements, human faces and motion with basic editing capabilities to automatically generate multiple variations of short 6-second Bumper ads for Google Ad.

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#6 – Custom Affinity + Custom Intent = Custom Audiences:

Custom intent and affinity segments will be combined together as one – Custom Audiences that can be used across Gmail, Display Ads and YouTube.

The Custom Audience is an audience expansion tool that will allow advertisers to reach out to similar users using a slider to choose matching settings from narrow to broad, a similar concept to the ‘lookalike’ segments. The project automation observations will enable marketers to predict audience performance before launching the campaign.

#7 – Audio Ads & TV Buying:

I personally found this to be a great initiative by Google for consolidating TV Buying Options to give advertisers more streamlined access to cross-screen management. Moreover, Google will begin rolling out a new consolidation workflow this Fall. The buying experience in Display & Video 360 will contain an insertion order that will make both connected and linear TV buys available in one place.

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#8 – Google Shopping Experience:

Google will be launching a new shopping experience as a meta for online shoppers, combining product inventory from both online and offline retailers, with the capability to buy directly off Google; expanding into Google images, Google Assistant and YouTube. You will be able to buy a product directly off YouTube while watching a review – how cool is that?

#9 – AI – Ads Format:

  • AdLingo

An interesting conversational display ad format where users can chat with a bot through the display ad. Early results showing an average of 1.5 minutes per engagement.

  • Swirl

An interactive display ad format with AR & 3D model option, the best way to showcase the product to the consumer. Hopefully by the end of this year the feature will be available in DV360.

I am going to leave you guys with this message, “Be There when it matter, Be Useful throughout the journey & Be Responsible and gain users trust for the brands.”

Vishal Thakur