Dec 2019

Are you planning to launch a digital marketing campaign, perhaps to drive awareness about your services or to generate sign-ups for a new offer on your website? If your answer to the question is yes, then do you think that your website is ready to support the campaign?

Well, during the past few years of providing consulting services to my clients, I have seen at least 1 out of 2 clients who rush to launch campaigns without taking care of the basic requirements on the website. Either they underrate the importance of preparing the website in advance or they are pushed by their higher management to go ahead with the campaign for the fear of missing out the market opportunity at that point of time.

The result? It usually ends up in a scenario where we have to stop the campaign in between to fix the issues. While this might sound like a simple workaround, what marketers don’t realize is that the momentum of the campaign is impacted and many of the platforms (example Google Ads) enter into a learning mode after the changes are made. 

Therefore, it is always recommended that the website is up to the mark to support and sustain the marketing efforts throughout the campaign period. Here are 6 website fixes that you should roll out before you start your digital campaigns.

1. Install Tracking Codes on your Website

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of setting up goals and trackers on your website. Until and unless you have them in place, you will not be able to attribute the results to the different channels, or deep-dive into the behaviour of the users to figure out what’s working or stopping them to take the desired actions on your website.

After all, what’s the use of doing digital marketing if you are not able to leverage the benefit of tracking and data-driven marketing.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 10.08.42 am


2. Enable Cross-Domain Tracking

Is your website created in a way that it can take users from one domain (say of brand A1) to the domain of another related brand (say brand A2)? If yes, then do not forget to implement cross-domain tracking on analytics. This will help you to track users who are coming on to the domain of brand A1 through its marketing efforts but are going and converting on the domain of brand A2.

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3. Secure your Website

If your website is unprotected, purchase an SSL certificate before launching the campaign as this will help to secure transactions, data transfers, and customer logins. Many a time, ad campaigns on Google are stopped by the platform if the website is unprotected.

How to figure out if your website is protected or not?

Open your website on a fresh window and check what appears near the web address (URL). If you see a lock on the left-hand corner before the web URL then the website is secure.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 10.12.56 am

 If you see “Not Secure” in front of it then the website does not have an SSL certificate, and it’s time to purchase one.

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4. Create relevant Content on the Website

Ensure that your landing page has content (images and copy) that is related/ an extension to what you’ve been talking about in your campaign.

Do not create click-bait ads or bid for keywords that have high search volume but do not align with your services, just to attract more traffic. This will create a loss of trust among the target audience, will make you incur high costs and lead to low/no conversions.

5. Upgrade your Booking/ Search Engine

If you are a brand from the hospitality or the e-commerce industry then it is advisable to implement a powerful booking or a search engine respectively that will allow your users to make customizations.

Make sure that you do this before you pump money into your campaigns as an old booking/ search engine can impact the user experience in an undesirable way, leading to drop-offs.

6. Create a Short, Sweet User Journey

The journey between the landing on the website to the final sign-up should have as few steps as possible. Avoid unnecessary redirects to ensure quicker sign-ups and a lesser number of drop-offs.

Have other pointers that are not in the list above? Share them in the comment section below and I’ll update the list. 🙂

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Rittika Das

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