Apr 2016

Facebook LIVE

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the expansion of Facebook Live, a feature that was limited to celebrity profiles with verified pages, to all profiles around the world.

This means that any individual can stream a real-time video for his friends and followers to view. Once implemented, Facebook will become the host of a variety of real-time content, thereby allowing each user to become a content creator within his own spheres.

However, what implications does this feature have on brands and community managers, especially when it comes to addressing grievances and/or queries?


What does Facebook Live mean for community management?

  1. Complaints go live: Move over wall post and message rants, the urban customer will eventually shift to making live complaints with an audience!  
  2. Coverage of ineffective and/or unsatisfactory service: With live videos, an aggrieved/unsatisfied customer gets to depict the shortcoming that led to the grievance in the store/place of business itself. Makes for much more compelling evidence, we’d say!
  3. Reactions, now live: With a live audience come live reactions. These live reactions give an opportunity to other customers to voice their experiences as well. The chances of a negative mention amplifying just got higher!

A prime example of voicing grievances live is from Mr. Cenk Uygur, host and CEO of The Young Turks.

Mr. Cerk made use of the Live feature to voice his grievance over unsatisfactory service by American Airlines and needless to say, the comments weren’t too kind towards the airlines!

Facebook Community Management


How can community managers deal with this potential backlash?

  1. Increase Monitoring: The time to monitor and respond to real-time mentions is here! And it’s more important than ever. Response managers need to start being more vigilant with regard to complaints and grievances and address them.
  2. Real Time Resolutions: The need to resolve issues on a real-time basis has reached a new peak. Once a consumer goes live, the response manager will need to assume responsibility and assist in resolving the issue at the earliest – preferably while the consumer is on the premises of the business and is still live.


So, what’s the verdict?

Facebook Live introduces a lot more aspects for response and community managers to consider and act upon.

However, it also presents brands with an opportunity to reclaim themselves from unwanted situations at the earliest, thereby giving them an opportunity to strengthen their community management mandate.

Do you think Facebook took the right step by making the Live feature accessible to all profiles?


Facebook Live makes customer service exciting but challenging, and you might want to reassess some of your content and customer strategies. Our social media marketing services will help you do just that.

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Anshul Sinha