19 Aug This Week in Infographics – Retargeting, LinkedIn Analytics & Video Optimization

Hola Marketers! Last week our Managing Partner, Mr. Rachit Dayal, was featured in an interview by YourStory, which talks about 'Understanding The Digital Marketing Space In Singapore'. Do read! :) A lot has been happening in Digital Marketing lately! If you have been too busy to keep up...

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12 Aug This Week in Infographics – Link Building, Embedded Posts, YouTube Playlist & Landing Page Optimization

It was a long weekend and I am guessing you made the most of it! ;) Last week, Facebook announced that they are testing a popular feature 'Trending Topics' for Facebook users. They also announced Story Bumping and Last Actor features which will put important...

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05 Aug This Week in Infographics – Pinterest, GA Filters, Optimizing Video & Landing Pages

Hola! Hope you'll had a fantastic weekend! Now before you start off with your work, have a look at this week's Digital Marketing Infographics & tell us which one you found the most useful & share-able. Tip #1: You can improve your landing page experience – and...

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29 Jul This Week in Infographics – Sitelinks, Graph Search, In-Stream Video Ads & KPIs

Happy Monday, everyone! Infographics are the most popular way to share data with others and last week, LinkedIn announced the launch of a new player on Slideshare specifically for infographics! This means that when infographics get uploaded to SlideShare as PDFs, they will be automatically detected as such...

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22 Jul This Week’s 4 Digital Marketing Infographics You Can’t Miss!

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! In case you've been too busy to read up on our weekly tips, we've compiled a list of top 4 Digital Marketing Infographics from this week. Tip #1: Improving your AdWords Click-Through Rate means raising your Quality Score and search...

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10 Apr Apps Apps Everywhere!

With the usage of social media and digital technology increasing by the days, applications and games have become a very useful creation of technology to assist us in our daily activities. Whatever you may need help with, there is bound to be an app created...

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