30 Sep This Week in Infographics – Content Ideas, Facebook Ad Guidelines & Google Analytics KPIs

With Google silently rolling out the Hummingbird update and not disclosing the much specifications about it, scoring high on the SEO will be a little tricky for the time being. Until someone figures out the algorithm behind the Hummingbird update, we advice you to follow...

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05 Aug This Week in Infographics – Pinterest, GA Filters, Optimizing Video & Landing Pages

Hola! Hope you'll had a fantastic weekend! Now before you start off with your work, have a look at this week's Digital Marketing Infographics & tell us which one you found the most useful & share-able. Tip #1: You can improve your landing page experience – and...

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29 Jul This Week in Infographics – Sitelinks, Graph Search, In-Stream Video Ads & KPIs

Happy Monday, everyone! Infographics are the most popular way to share data with others and last week, LinkedIn announced the launch of a new player on Slideshare specifically for infographics! This means that when infographics get uploaded to SlideShare as PDFs, they will be automatically detected as such...

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01 Jul This Week’s 4 Digital Marketing Infographics You Can’t Miss!

On June 30, we all celebrated the ongoing digital revolution with Mashable’s Social Media Day. Social Media has changed our lives both in the way we do business and in the way we socialize. Don’t you agree? :) Last month was quite eventful as we celebrated...

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02 Nov InCosmetics Bangkok – Presentations Inside

On November 2nd & 3rd 2010, our Principal Consultant - Rachit Dayal delivered two presentations at the InCosmetics Bangkok Tradeshow's "Marketing Trends" event. [frame_center][/frame_center] Powerful Websites - Finding the Balance between Attractive & Usable A presentation on how websites have changed over the last 15 years, and salient...

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