Feb 2019

Social media is an intrinsic part of our lives. Having been around for more than 10 years, there are concretely established measures of success for social media. Both clients and marketers swear by reach, followers, engagement, virality and all those popular buzzwords.

These metrics are currently undergoing a crisis of sorts. From social media platform algorithm changes to media fatigue, it is getting harder and harder to attain the numbers of yesteryear.

Ads are less effective because people have learned to tune them out. There is a certain paradox in ad fatigue as users (especially millennials) will watch and trust an ad from a brand or people they care about but tune out if it’s not.

But are these metrics really what you should be considering for your business? The foremost objective of marketing is to affect behavioural change to suit your business objective. Having a million followers or reach means nothing if no one buys your product.

To overcome this, many marketers have turned to the rise of micro-influencers and brand advocates as the solution. 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they can get a trusted review, but getting consumers to become brand advocates is not an easy task.


To create a community of brand advocates, HM has come up with a proprietary framework. This innovative approach involves building a community of like-minded individuals from the ground up, engaging them with content and offers, turning them into your brand advocates.

By building a group (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc) and populating it with users who are already receptive to your brand messaging, you cut through the noise and bypass that layer of uncertainty and set the foundation of a narrative for the brand before the skepticism kicks in.

After the group has been established, begin initiating conversations through relevant and engaging content to build brand relevance and loyalty. Consider an empowering group of members with moderator powers to further increase investment and build advocacy.

Once conversations are taking place without the brand’s involvement, begin to target users with brand-specific messages and build brand advocates. This builds greater brand loyalty and by growing your group using special offers or contests, the brand can consolidate the community and perpetuate the cycle.

So instead of relying on the standard metrics to tabulate campaign results and using them to achieve your brand objective, consider building a community from the ground up, for a more curated audience who are receptive to your brand message and will eventually turn into your brand advocates.

Joel Go