Mar 2013

Dell is one of the early adopters of Twitter for customer engagement & had received a lot of attention for their sales strategies even back then. It is one of the most frequently used case studies when we talk about how companies are leveraging on social media to increase sales.

I have been using a Dell laptop from couple of years now. Last week I got a brand new Dell Inspiron when I started working at Happy Marketer & I thought of tweeting about it to Dell, telling them how much I like it! So, here’s my tweet:

Just like any other company, I assumed they would reply with a usual “Thank You”. But guess what?? They did not just reply to my tweet but also surprised me by making a video to thank me for spreading the word!

Here’s the video:

This gesture made sure I engage in a conversation with them & further spread the #DellLove!

So here’s what we learnt –

It’s not about doing different things, but its about doing things differently!

While every other company out there is looking at ways to leverage on social media to connect with their customers, being innovative is the only way to differentiate yourself. Dell is one of the few brands which does not follow the traditional/general approach on Twitter and their video in reply to my tweet proves the same. They could have sent a sweet “thank you” message, but what’s innovative about that? Sending a personalized video actually helped them connect so much better with me as a customer.

“Inspire your customers and employees with your passion!”

In a recent article by Ogilvy, they talk about how the 4Ps of marketing are now evolving to become the 4Es:

from Product to Experience 
from Place to Everyplace
from Price to Exchange
from Promotion to Evangelism

This initiative by Dell is a perfect example of how these 4Es of marketing are so effective.

Experience:  Dell has not only sold its product to me but also given me an experience that I will remember for ever. Their marketing efforts do not stop just after the sale is over, but continues even after that. Good customer service is very important to retain customers and make their experience with your brand enjoyable.

Everyplace: With their presence on Twitter, Dell, was able to spot me on the platform I use the most!  They made me feel good with just a simple gesture within Twitter itself. With so many new social/online platforms emerging every other day, it is definitely very crucial for brands to identify a few major platforms for their marketing efforts. And Dell has done that very well!

Exchange: With the changing mindset of customers, it is important for brands to give them something more than great prices for the products they purchase. If brands seek customers’ attention, then they have give them something more attractive in exchange. Like in this case, Dell so easily captured my attention with their personalized video.

Evangelism: By creating this video to thank me, Dell has successfully evangelized itself . They understand that engaging their customers is the best way to create brand advocates. I will go on and on about this incident anytime someone talks to me about Dell or seeks my advice while buying a computer. And so I act as an evangelist for Dell which can possibly get them more business. Promoting your product no longer works! You’ve got to evangelize your brand in a way that creates more evangelists! This is how word-of-mouth marketing works and it is one of the best forms of marketing.

Dell, has a dedicated expert social media team and they also ensure that they train their employees well. The company has also been making sure that most of their employees are a part of the such personalized messages, which makes all the difference! The employees feel happy to see the outcome of their hard work which makes them even more driven to innovate further!

I am mighty impressed with Dell’s gesture and like my dear colleague Sanchit says, if I got a shout out from Dell for my tweet, I might just get a movie for my blog! 😀 Go Dell!


Kanchan Lad

Kanchan is the Head of Project Delivery at Happy Marketer. She chooses traveling, swimming, crime fiction, celebrity gossip and prefers speed over stagnancy.