Apr 2016


Last week, Mark Zuckerberg delivered what was perhaps his most visionary keynote in the last decade at the annual F8 conference in San Francisco. For me, the line that summed up the session best is – “Ironically, you will no longer need to call 1800-FLOWERS to buy flowers from 1800-FLOWERS”!

Imagine the powerful, transformative nature of the platform that is disrupting industries such as media, broadcasting, eCommerce and payments.

Facebook is no longer just a casual social networking app – it’s an open platform that is poised to:

  • Connect people, devices and organizations to improve the exchange of data, information and ideas
  • Disrupt industries
  • Simply make our lives better! 

With these latest announcements, businesses can not only engage their customers more personally, but also improve the efficiency of their customer service and directly sell their products via Facebook.

Sure, many will be concerned about the possibility of Facebook controlling and monopolizing several things in the digital ecosystem. However, it can only be a good thing that it is making such massive strides in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and even solar-powered Internet distribution airfcrafts. We hope this motivates competitors and a new generation of entrepreneurs to develop game-changing products and services as well!

Oh and if this wasn’t enough of a power-packed conference already, Zuckerberg also launched the S$100M ‘Nano-craft’ in partnership with Stephen Hawking yesterday! (By the way.. the guy is only 31!)

If all this overwhelms you, fret not! We have compiled four blogposts that will give you an in-depth understanding of the major announcements last week and how will this impact you as a marketer and your brands.

  1. The Changing Chat Interface: Facebook Messenger Links, Messenger Codes and Chatbots
  2. Facebook Changed its 20% Text Rule. Should You Celebrate?
  3. All You Need to Know About Facebook Co-Branded Sponsored Content
  4. Braving the Facebook Live Storm – The Community Manager’s Dilemma

These changes are here to stay, and your social media marketing strategies are bound to change too.

Luckily, we offer comprehensive social media marketing services to help you with this shift.

And if you’re looking for a one-day course on the constantly changing field of social media marketing, our sister company, FutureMarketer, is holding a Social Media & Viral Marketing workshop on 18 May.

Enjoy the read and let us know your experience when you experiment with these new features!

Prantik Mazumdar

Prantik is a Managing Partner at Happy Marketer, who leads the firm’s Social, Mobile & Display Advertising practice. He sits on the Global Digital Board of Time International, a leading luxury chain in Asia.