Jun 2006

Well … we were hearing rumors for a long time. It was called GBuy, Google Buy and a whole other bunch of names. Finally a rival to PayPal is launched as Google Checkout (Google says there is no rivalry, but be serious now :)).

It seems like a great e-commerce system … easy interface … fantastic integration with AdWords … very competitive rates … will lead to a Cost Per Action advertising model for AdWords (much better than Cost Per Click from the advertiser’s point of view).

But oh … wait … I see a flaw rising up … It’s only for the U.S.A!

Geez Google, half your customers are outside the U.S.A … we pay good money to AdWords to fill up your bank account … and you didn’t even respect us enough to mention us in your press release??

I had to read through 22 articles to find one that clearly says its only launched in the U.S. Tch Tch … Omitting that one line from your press release … and you just lost a lot of brownie points with this entrepreneur, Google.

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Rachit Dayal

Is the Managing Partner at Happy Marketer, and handles clients with needs in Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Website Design and Conversion Consulting.

As Singapore’s first Qualified AdWords Professional and one of the first Analytics Qualified Professionals in the region, Rachit has been on the forefront of search marketing in Singapore since 2004.

But as this industry comes into maturity, he believes now is when the fun is starting – when clients dare to dream of exciting campaigns, and we can finally show tangible positive ROI from all marketing campaigns.