Jun 2011

Last week, something a little unusual happened. Channel 8 news in Singapore was doing a piece on social media and it’s impact on today’s business – and they started Googling companies who were experts in the area. And thanks to our own Singapore focused Search Engine Optimization efforts for our services, she found the profile of David Liem – Our Lead Social Media Marketing Consultant.

Award winning journalist Zhang Haijie came down to our office, spent an hour discussing social media strategies – and used a couple of clips of David in her news piece on Sunday night, 5th June 2011. While our Mandarin is fairly broken, and we’re working on adding subtitles to the youtube video – here is the summary of what she said about us:

  • Happy Marketer is a company that specializes in other companies set up web presence
  • We have 100+ SME and MNC clients in the space
  • Started and run by two twenty-something year old entrepreneurs, with a tinyteam
  • Specializing in consulting & training in search, social media and web marketing
  • Have reached revenues of S$250k/year in the second year (first time we’ve ever revealed that number to the world btw)

Watch for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments! If you can’t see the embedded video, click here to see it on YouTube.

Rachit Dayal

Is the Managing Partner at Happy Marketer, and handles clients with needs in Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Website Design and Conversion Consulting.

As Singapore’s first Qualified AdWords Professional and one of the first Analytics Qualified Professionals in the region, Rachit has been on the forefront of search marketing in Singapore since 2004.

But as this industry comes into maturity, he believes now is when the fun is starting – when clients dare to dream of exciting campaigns, and we can finally show tangible positive ROI from all marketing campaigns.