Nov 2016

Do your customers struggle to find you online? Want to increase your business’s online traffic?

If you answered yes, perhaps it’s time for an SEO audit. Why an SEO audit? This will give you a better idea of what your current Google search rankings are and how to improve them.

What should your SEO audit look like?

Below is a quick SEO audit we conducted for a potential client in the online advertising industry:

1) SEO Areas Doing Well

  • SEO traffic is spread out very well, with only 10% of traffic coming to the homepage
  • Only 5-8% of clicks happen on brand keywords, with a good spread
  • 82% of the traffic is SEO traffic, with a strong showing year-after-year
  • The site appearance and user experience is very pleasing
  • 30% of pages seem to have rich snippets and structured data
  • The domain authority for the site is high

Of course, there might be several areas of your website that need SEO improvement or aren’t search engine optimized in the first place:

2) SEO Areas That Need Improvement

  • There are a significant number of indexing errors (around 26,000 pages)
  • Indexed pages (around 186,000) are far lower than Competitor #1 (300,000 pages) and Competitor #2 (6M pages)
  • Internal links are very low. We need to revamp search result pages and listing pages for more links
  • Search pages (the largest set of pages on the site) are completely missing meta tags
  • Articles and listing pages are missing simple opportunities to link internally

If you sign up for an SEO audit with us, here’s a glimpse at some of the practical recommendations you’ll receive:

3) SEO Recommendations

  • The impact of the project would be a 5-8% improvement in SEO traffic within two months after completion of implementation
  • Our primary focus would be on the product – to modify the layout and content of templates to drive up internal links
  • We would also solve technical problems and ensure that the number of errors is very low
  • We expect to spend at least 10 days in-person at the office with the product development team and another 30-50 days to create the right site and content architecture needed for our rank

Liked what you saw in this article? Want to further understand how to optimize your website? We’d love to help you get started (or continue along) your SEO journey. Email us at [email protected] to know more about our SEO audit offering!

Anupama Hedge