Oct 2018

My name is Mela and I’m an addict. Ok, not that kind of an addict, but an addict of Candy Crush.

How many of you have played Candy Crush or have at least heard about it? With approximately 293 million monthly active users, this game ranks as the 6th most popular game ever.


I’ve read multiple articles on how this game mimics your real life struggles in almost every way and here are my perspectives on how it relates to hiring strategies

  • Get your basics right

You will need to know how to make striped candies or how to use the colour bomb in order to move onto the next level. To have a perfect structure for your company, you will need to get the basics right; therefore your organisation chart has to be aligned with your company’s objectives. 

  • Knowing which booster to use

Finishing the level will be much easier if you have some boosters. Knowing what tools or platforms to use will speed up the “closing” process when hiring even if it something as simple as using a Google sheet. Using a professional grade HR management software would be a bonus if you can afford it!  

  • You need lives and you need it now

In Candy Crush, you are only given 5 lives. Once they are depleted, just like an addict, you will blindly ask anyone on Facebook to give you those extra lives. Sometimes your Facebook friends get annoyed to the point that they unfriend you!

It’s the same analogy with hiring. You will never know when and where you will get a good candidate. Yes, you can place ads everywhere, receive many resumes everyday, but in most cases, a good candidate comes from referrals and personal recommendations from your colleagues, friends, clients or even ex-colleagues that you may despise.

  • The higher the level the more challenges you will face

You can’t expect level 437 (which according to the survey is the hardest level), to be the same as level 100. Similarly, a company with $100K revenue will not face the same challenges as the one with $10M. You will be required to prepare and adjust your hiring skills based on that. 

  • Persistence is key and patience is your number one friend

Keep playing! I am sure you will be stuck on some levels for a long time (trust me), but one day you will get the trick and get over it. Ask any HR personnel if they have ever experienced a smooth hiring process and chances are probably not! I have a role which is still vacant for over a year – it is not easy but once you get the trick, you will be able to close that opening eventually (Hope so)! 

  • Never ending levels

Candy crush currently holds 3,770 levels and usually there are new levels released every week. Likewise in HR, there is no final evil boss, no final victory and definitely, there is no sign that this will end. The moment you celebrate a winning of hiring someone, another role will open. You will never truly be free from the process. 

Mela Anwar
Mela Anwar

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