Oct 2017



Michelle Obama. Brene Brown. John Cena. Brit Marling. Andy Cohen. Rand Fishkin.

Can you picture a cooler line-up of speakers for the #MillennialMarketer? HubSpot’s annual conference #INBOUND17 was a dream come true for marketers, practitioners and agencies alike.

This year saw 21,000 attendees from over a 100 countries gather in Boston for a week of inspiring keynotes, tactical lessons and practical guidance from industry leaders.

HubSpot had some very exciting announcements this year, and here’s a quick recap of the key updates:

All New HubSpot Sales Professional:

HubSpot CRM / HubSpot Sales was built as an easy-to-use CRM for small-mid sized businesses. The upgraded version of Sales Pro announced this year promises to be the “all-in-one sales toolkit to supercharge your sales engine”.

This includes added features like meetings, templates, robust automation on deals, the ability to add your own products in HubSpot CRM, sales pipeline reporting, advanced custom reporting (including team, talent and sales rep reporting), better team and permission management, machine learning powered priority notifications, predictive lead scoring and send time optimizations (HubSpot will choose the best time to interact with your customer).

Enabling Bots through the acquisition of

Imagine building a bot straight from HubSpot! Bots and messaging being the future of Marketing – one of the biggest announcements this year was about HubSpot’s acquisition of This will allow HubSpot users to build, power & train AI powered chatbots without needing any technical expertise.

HubSpot Conversations in HubSpot CRM

A free add-on for all HubSpot CRM users, HubSpot Conversation aims to seamlessly pull in messages from multiple channels into one shared messaging inbox, bridging the gap between Marketing, Sales & Customer Service communication.

Introducing the Customer Hub

The Customer Hub is the perfect module for customers in the “delight” bucket. Built on top of HubSpot conversations, the Customer Hub promises to do a lot more than “ticket-solving”. It will allow for contextual case management and for customers to build a knowledge center powered by the HubSpot CMS, all while enable comprehensive reporting and insights on cases.

HubSpot Certified Trainer Program

A key announcement for HubSpot partners and agencies – a new Certified Trainer program enabling trained professionals to teach the Inbound Methodology to client and prospects. This program is currently only available for Gold/Diamond/Platinum agencies.

New Features in HubSpot Marketing

Lots of interesting new features announced to HubSpot Marketing, here are some interesting ones:

  • Content Strategy: As SEO evolves, so does content strategy. HubSpot’s new content strategy tool crawls the website, suggests topics based on relevance, competition and popularity and then builds these into topic clusters and pillars of content, leading to better search rankings and higher quality traffic on your website.
  • Integrations with Instagram and Facebook Lead Ads: Interesting updates on the social and paid marketing front – a new Instagram reminder scheduler along with a new Facebook Ads Audience Sync that would let HubSpot ads retarget, nurture, and convert Facebook users based on HubSpot data.
  • Campaign Reporting: With enhanced campaign reporting, you can now automatically attribute revenue to a customer if they interact with any part of the campaign.

As a HubSpot customer, Fiza Malhotra, Head of Marketing at Space Matrix, a leading workplace strategy and design firm, said that she is enthusiastic about the recent announcements at Inbound. “With a heavy content driven strategy to our digital marketing, we are keen to explore the new content strategy topic clusters and see how they could drive higher quality traffic to our site. Combined with the advanced campaign reporting, we are looking forward to tying it all back to our end goal of lead generation.”

When asked about the product announcements from Inbound that marketers in SE Asia would appreciate, Madison Carmody, Sales Manager, Asia at HubSpot said, “First, our new Facebook Ads integration: imagine being able to create Facebook Ads directly from HubSpot. Paid acquisition is a critical channel for marketers in the region so this will be a huge time saver. This new feature means you can create retargeting and nurturing campaigns directly in HubSpot, using your HubSpot contacts — no need for exporting huge CSVs and tedious manual uploading into Facebook. This is live and something marketers can enjoy today.

Second, I’m so excited about the upcoming launch of Conversations. I think this is going to be a game changer. People in SE Asia are used to talking to businesses across several channels: via email, social media, Facebook messenger and live chat. With Conversations, businesses will have a single, shared team inbox that they can manage all of these different communications, tracked into a CRM. And with our acquisition of — a chatbot platform — we’ll be able to help businesses manage these conversations at scale using artificial intelligence. I’m especially enthusiastic about this launch because it was strongly inspired by the multi-channel consumer behaviour we were observing in APAC, and I can’t wait for marketers to start using it.”

Having worked on multiple platforms like Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce amongst others, we at Happy Marketer are really excited to see the HubSpot platform capabilities expand, and to see them bringing all customer facing functionalities under one roof. Similar to Salesforce, but with a few key differentiating factors, HubSpot aims to become the go-to tool for everyone in Marketing, Sales & Customer Service.

Did you attend #INBOUND17? Any key takeaways you’d like to share with us?