Mar 2016


In today’s world, all marketers are trying to reach the right customer, at the right time, with the right message, and on the right device – at the best possible moment. And to achieve this very thing, Google is unveiling a new suite of integrated data and marketing analytics products, designed specifically for the enterprise marketers. 

What is the Google Analytics 360 Suite all about?

The new Google Analytics 360 Suite is loaded with six enterprise products with a core emphasis on sharing data and intelligence – within the suite and 3rd party platforms.

 The products include:

  1. 1. Google Analytics 360 – Google Analytics Premium is now renamed to Google Analytics 360. While we don’t yet have the exact product road map, Google stressed on making Analytics 360 as the measurement centerpiece, collecting customer data from multiple touch-points and a continued native integration with DoubleClick and Google AdWords.
  1. Google Attribution 360 – Google’s 2014 acquisition of media attribution firm Adometry finally gets a Goog’ly name. The newly built Attribution 360 will continue to offer tracking and insights across digital channels and offline mediums, including TV and Radio. This will not only empower advertisers to track cross-device and cross-system conversions, but will help them drive bid management and track customers’ behavior across all channels, devices, and systems to achieve their most effective marketing mix.
  1. Google Tag Manager 360 – Earlier reported to be named Google Tag Manager Premium or GTM Premium, the new GTM 360 is a brand new product, but something that is actually built on top of the current tag manager framework. We understand that the new product will simplify data collection and will mostly help to streamline the usage of a tag manager in an enterprise environment – with a power API and by making it easy for multiple stakeholders to collaborate faster.
  1. Google Audience Center 360 – Currently in beta, Audience 360 is Google’s long awaited advanced data management platform (DMP). This product will natively work with Google AdWords and DoubleClick, but will also connect across 3rd party ad exchanges. It takes the User ID from Universal Analytics a step further and will help the brands to uniquely identify a user across audiences, ad-exchanges, channels, and devices. Imagine the perfect world where your CRM (first party data) is integrated with Audience 360 and new emails added in real time are available to Google AdWords for RLSA or Remarketing – well, all that’s now possible!
  1. Google Optimize 360 – As a digital marketer, I was really excited to see a live demo of the Optimize 360 during last year’s summit. This beta product intends to make A/B landing page tests a breeze. The idea is to enable marketers to test multiple offers, layouts, and call-to-actions without the hassles of coding, testing or deployment. Again, I have to stress the fact, that the product will natively talk to AdWords, DoubleClick and Audience 360 for automated campaign optimization, bid management, and conversion feedback.
  1. Google Data Studio 360 – Built on Google Docs framework, Data Studio 360 aims to collect and stitch data from all systems across this product suite and even external data-sources. This will allow drag and drop reporting + visualization across data-sets – and also possibly help to avoid the data silos that exist today.


Google Analytics 360 Suite – Sample Dashboard [Image Source]

Why is Google making this change?

  • Sharing of Intelligence – The Google ad business has always been like a walled garden – wherein, while the data and cookie sharing was enabled across the ad and analytics products, it was never open for 3rd party data-sources and ad-exchanges. With DC driving a majority percentage of ad impressions on the Internet, and multiple new thriving ad-exchanges, it is really important to have a coherent view of the audience, which is cross-device and cross-channel.
  • Seamless Integration – At HappyMarketer, we lay a lot of stress on attribution and cross-device tracking. With the native integration across the various products, all the intelligence is suddenly now actionable – based on better performance of an offer in an A/B test or a TV advertisement, we can automatically change bids, stop ads, launch new tags and initiate remarketing for non-converted users across multiple ad-exchanges – all in real-time. Cross-device marketing and workflow nirvana, I’d say!


Google Analytics 360 Suite Interface [Image Source]

When can you use these products?

If you are an existing Google Analytics Premium or Adometry customer, you will be on-board first with Analytics 360 and Attribution 360. The new products – Audience Center 360, Optimize 360, Data Studio 360, and Tag Manager 360 are available in beta and will be available to the above in the next few months.

Explore the Google Analytics 360 Suite here.

For more information about the Google Analytics 360 Suite or to understand how to leverage the new products to optimize your digital marketing efforts get in touch with our experts.



Sanchit Mendiratta

Sanchit is a Partner at Happy Marketer.