Apr 2019

2009 – The year that 2 very talented people, Rachit Dayal, and David Liem started operations of a data-driven marketing agency, Happy Marketer, with just one headquarter office in Singapore. Yes, this was the same year when one of the famous ride-hailing apps, Uber, and the most commonly used messenger, WhatsApp was also launched.

In the last ten years, they’ve grown from a team of 2 into one big happy family of 60+ employees, with offices in 4 locations and digital campaigns running across various countries like Singapore, Philippines, and Brunei. Today, Happy Marketer is led by Rachit Dayal and Prantik Mazumdar, both of whom got involved in the business at a young age and have since maintained their drive to push the business to new heights.

Except today’s focus is not on how the business has evolved over the years. Instead, I will be sharing my perspective on its 10th-anniversary celebrations that have been taking place over the last 10 months (yes, they finally entered the “tween” bracket). Unlike most places, they wanted to be more fun and unconventional about their celebrations and hence the concept of #HMX was created.

The biggest celebration of #HMX, which also happened to be the biggest one since HM’s inception, was the exuberant fiesta we had last November in Bali. This trip, although a gathering of a large group of people, felt more like a destination wedding than a company retreat. At least that was how I felt because of the remarkable arrangements. We were welcomed to the Island of Gods, with flower garlands, explored the island in convertible safari jeeps for our team-bonding amazing race, and ended the extensive festivities with a gala dinner at an exclusive restaurant.


The trip consisted of insightful workshops over Days 2 and 3 that were led by Rachit and Prantik but not only limited to their discussions and sharing. We were able to listen to what other members of the #HappyTribe had to share about the past, the growth thus far and discussed ambitions and steps for HM’s further growth.

While our days were filled with exciting conversations, our evenings were more laid-back where we socialized over meals and drinks – at exotic seafood dinners by the beach and charming bars. This made for the perfect opportunity to interact with others from the different offices on a more personal level.

And the gala dinner – what can I say! From participating in the exciting games planned to dancing like there’s no tomorrow, the night took our expectations to another level altogether. The incredible arrangements were irresistible, so we had to make the most of it and shoot a special edition of #HappyHourLive. This trip really deserved all the praises. Kudos to Mela and Charu for organizing a remarkable trip. And of course, we had to move the x-oticness to Singapore to celebrate with our clients, partners, and media friends who have been part of this wonderful and fruitful journey.

But partying it up is not all that #HMX is about, we are also taking this opportunity to connect with the community and give back through multiple ways – “Project We Care”, ‘Job Application Skills’ training to some ladies from a Residents’ Committee (RC), assisting seniors and soon-to-be graduate students with career planning.

While educating them on resume writing skills and role-playing job interviews might seem like a bore to most people, it was an overwhelming experience because the audience was rather enthusiastic and inquisitive, wanting to learn and gain as much as they could with the limited time they had with us. Seeing them appreciate the whole learning process put smiles on our faces.

Some other things we have accomplished over the #HMX year – moving to a bigger office in Bangalore, had the pleasure of hosting a few students from St. Andrews Junior College (SAJC) for a Work Shadowing Programme, launching a UX optimized online booking platform for one of our oldest clients, Royal Brunei Airlines and volunteering by serving food to school children.

Moreover, more of the #HappyTribe members were involved in our #HappyHourLive videos in the last few months. It was fabulous to hear the perspectives people had regarding digital when visiting a country or a conference they attended.

And as part of our HMX year, another fabulous and healthy wellness initiative that has been initiated for all of the HappyTribe is the HealthMaXChallenge to empower and motivate all of us to lead healthier lives. In February, we formed groups of 3 to play a little “game” of our own to see which trio is the healthiest and as the days went by, the “competitiveness” forced everyone out of their homes and boosted their motivation level. We just ended March with over 14 million steps and still going strong till the end of our #HMX year!

The last 10 months have been gratifying in so many ways and we continue to look forward to being able to provide optimum services to our clients with compassion and competence. Especially with the recent acquisition by Merkle, I am super stoked to be a part of this phenomenal growth!

Neelam Patel
Neelam Patel

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