Nov 2018

If you are an e-commerce retailer and have been in the business for over a year, you know it’s the perfect time to start working on an advertising strategy to make the most from your advertising campaigns. Honestly, businesses start preparing for the holiday season at least three months in advance. Here’s a list of things I have put together – five items to tick off, that might help your businesses make the most of your advertising effort. 



1. Are your basics on point?

Every business desires to resemble or align with a particular quality or feature, more commonly known as the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). The bigger question is, ‘Is your advertising speaking about it?’

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If you are trying to relate to your customers, you have to be able to communicate what you are known for. It could be convenience, price, superior quality or availability. Ensure you narrow down your advertising efforts to effectively communicate your USP and you’ll be able to connect with your customers better. 

2. Whom do you really want to target?

The holiday season, even though it brings great business opportunities, can be an extremely competitive market space. If you aren’t targeting the appropriate audience, you could lose out on potential business with a very expensive media spend. The best way to ensure your targeting is correct is to always test your campaigns with smaller budgets. Perform A/B testing to get campaign components correct, and then unleash your strategy.

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3. Personalising is key 

With millions of users and billions of ads serving the internet every minute, you need to personalise your message as much as you possibly can!

For example, if you are trying to rank for “Christmas gifts” and your landing page has gifts for mothers, your Ad title needs to be customised on the lines of ‘Christmas gifts for Moms’, instead of having just ‘Christmas gifts | BRAND NAME’.

Little things like these will direct more relevant traffic to your website and eventually create a higher chance of a conversion. Typically, all ad copies should be revised every two weeks but if you are launching campaigns especially for the holiday season, speak to your advertising team and be sure to bring up this point. 


4. Videos pave the way

The chart of digital consumption evolution clearly indicates users are now consuming more videos than ever before. If you’ve got the budget and the resources, put together some video assets and utilise them for advertising. Typically 6s bumper ads work the best. Roll them out and you should be able to see good results (given all other components are well-knit). Here are a few things you can do to grab their attention: 

  • Start with a Bang: With 6s ads, you have to start powerful to hook them instantly
  • Use Audio: A lot of people listen to ads with the audio on their phone and it’s the best way to create an emotional connect.
  • Colourful and bright: It’s the holiday season, nobody wants to see a B/W video, use powerful colours to attract your consumers.

Samsung’s 6-second ad is a great example! 


5. Is your product feed up-to-date?

A product feed is typically an excel or data file which consists of all your product information. It’s usually shared with comparison search engines (CSE) such as Amazon, Google etc. to provide all the information about your product. Over an entire year, if you haven’t monitored your product feed and made changes it could be a problem. During the holiday season, there can be multiple instances where constantly updating your product feed can benefit you.

Example: If your customers are looking for specific long-tail-keywords and if you’ve updated the product feed, it creates a higher chance for your product to rank. If your customers are looking for a similar product which is out of stock amongst your competitors, an updated product feed will help your customers to find you. If you haven’t done it yet, time to grab those revenue opportunities today!

Here’s an example of a product-feed sheet:


Check out Google’s Feeds Overview  here.

Please leave your opinions or other tips you feel are useful in the comments below. 

Chirag Khandelwal