Oct 2017


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Post contributed by Damini Roy. All opinions expressed here are author’s own.

I’m still reeling from last week’s exclusive chat with Gary Vaynerchuk. For those of you who don’t know this marketing mogul, try following him on any social media channel for a week and you’ll learn the biggest reason he’s this successful: it’s Gary’s committment to provide tangible value via every post/interaction in return for our attention to his content.

Marketing in today’s world

Through his own authentic voice and practice, GaryVee has shown us Rule #1 of marketing in today’s world: if you don’t provide value to your readers/consumers/audience, you will fail to earn their attention and trust.

Attention in exchange for real value seems like a fair exchange. In fact, if this BBC article is to be believed – the hype surrounding shorter attention spans may just be a myth. Scientists are beginning to uncover that attention spans can be very task-dependent: which is to say that when we are driving a car on a long winding path, our attention span will stretch over the task duration to ensure we’re not swerving off the cliff on the next bend in the road because it came past the 3/8/12-second mark (that’s commonly claimed to be the average attention span of today’s average Joes and plain Janes).

Execution builds solid strategy

About 100 years ago – when marketers spoke of the best way to start a marketing project, they would draw up elaborate strategy plans and then think about how to execute the strategy. The New World of marketing is different though.

What will set you apart from your competitors is starting off with a broadly structured strategy and then iteratively refining it using multiple experiments and executions to validate the changing/evolving strategy and logic. Again, GaryVee leads with his own example. Here are some examples of his most successful campaigns that have become successful thanks to this logic.

The world we live in today has a fundamentally different pace and perception of time across the board, as compared to the past. What this means is that if we as marketers are to understand today’s consumers, we cannot observe them through the rose-tinted glasses of yester-years i.e. we no longer live in a world where we have the luxury of believing we will have a perfect strategy to execute in a single attempt and that consumers will be patient enough. We’re now in a world where we have to constantly test and deliver in a hypergrowth environment.

Today’s New World marketer has to understand the criticality of experimenting, executing and taking action swiftly, then use the results of the experiments to adjust and improve the initial strategic view, and finally continue to remain in this “beta mode” of testing-tweaking-repeating for all marketing projects today.

In it to win it

As modern marketers, what sets up apart from the pack is the drive to excel and committment to back up that drive and ambition with hardwork. Like GaryVee said during my chat with him:”You can’t build a beautiful room or be an interior decorator unless you’re a contractor and build a great steel foundation for your building.”

Humble Hustlers is what what I believe we all should aspire to become. Here’s wishing each of you reading this the best week ahead. #hustleandalliscoming

P.S: For those of you interested in the full interview transcript and a high-res video of the complete chat, email me at [email protected].


Damini Roy