Mar 2013

Twitter, the rapidly growing social media site, has proved to be quite effective for businesses to reach their customers. With introduction of Vine, advertisers have been coming up with interesting ways to generate content with 6 sec videos to engage their followers. Recently, Twitter also announced new features & analytics tools which will help advertisers and small businesses to reach their customers just like the bigger brands!

So what’s in store?

New Targeting Options for Promoted Tweets: Earlier, small advertisers had very limited targeting options in the basic dashboard. They can now access the new features which will help them target their audience in 2 ways:

  1. Users can be targeted by the Twitter profiles they follow. Example: If a user follows @NikeSingapore on Twitter, he might see promoted tweets specifically targeted to Nike followers in Singapore.
  2. Advertisers can choose from 350 interest categories from football to bird watching. This way they can tailor their messages for right audience and get the maximum results. Not just that, advertisers can target by gender and also limit the ads to specific platforms like iOS, Android etc. This means the promoted tweets will be only displayed on the chosen platform filtering the audience further! Say, if it is an iOS app download campaign, promoted tweets will be displayed only on iOS devices to drive them to the app store.


Access to Advanced Interface

Advertisers who are ready for advanced controls, detailed analytics and reporting can switch to the advanced interface. This will help them in understanding how various users are engaging with their promoted tweets and promoted accounts by gender, location, interest and device. The only drawback is, once you switch to the advanced interface, you cannot go back to the basic one. So, they have provided a comparison chart to help advertisers decide if they are ready for this change.

If you are wondering how Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets & Promoted Trends work, here’s a short note:

Promoted Accounts: Twitter suggests these accounts in ‘Who to follow’ section on Twitter. This based on the accounts the user is likely to follow. Promoted Accounts are best for growing a loyal follower base. For example: Twitter might suggest @ZoyaNailPolish to people who follow several fashion or cosmetics related accounts.

Promoted Tweets: These tweets appear at the top of search results in the user’s timeline. This depends on various factors like-which accounts do the users follow, what do they retweet, their interaction with tweets etc. Promoted Tweets are best for getting tweets in front of a larger audience to drive more clicks and engagement around a promotion, product launch or event.

In recent survey, it was found out that 46% of the users exposed to brand tweets were most likely to search for brand websites online than the average internet user.

Promoted Trends

Trends are the popular, event sensitive topics happening on Twitter. These get a lot of exposure since they are placed right next to user’s timeline, on top of the Trending Topics list. Well, this has turned out to be quiet an expensive affair since last month!

Pricing & Analytics for self service ads: 

By now you must be wondering how much do these cost? Is there a monthly fee? Well, the good news is, there is no fee and just like Facebook ads, you can set your budget, place a bid and pay only when people engage with your ads! Voila! 🙂

To understand how your Promoted Tweets are performing, you can check the analytics dashboard which provides detailed metrics of your campaign such as impressions, number of clicks and click rate.

For Promoted Accounts, you can simply keep a track of your followers growth on the ‘Follower Growth Chart’.

Earlier this year, Twitter took another step to enable different group of companies to integrate effortlessly with their ad platform. Twitter announced Twitter Ads API (Application Programming Interface) making easier for brand managers & marketers to manage the ad campaigns and get more out of advertising with Twitter.

So which one is right for you?

It all comes down to finding out your advertising goals and money your company can spend. Also, it is important to find out if your company has time and dedication to engage with users because ads alone won’t work. It is necessary for brands to generate good content & take part in real time conversations with the users, thus having a strong organic presence!

However, advertising on Twitter is still on invitation. Do you think Twitter should change that?

Kanchan Lad

Kanchan is the Head of Project Delivery at Happy Marketer. She chooses traveling, swimming, crime fiction, celebrity gossip and prefers speed over stagnancy.