Apr 2019

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To win every game, you need a solid game plan! This very much applies to Insta Story as well. In my last blog, we had discussed how Insta Story is a game changer in social media marketing in 2018 and 2019, so now you know the goodies, but how is your brand going to use them strategically?

Let’s delve right in!

It’s a monthly thing!

Just like how brands usually have a monthly content calendar across all social media platforms, Insta Story should have one as well. To help to structure, to help to plan and to help to strategise the month long’s content and the best way to streamline brand’s messaging and line items is by having a content calendar. A simple step is to place upcoming events or festive seasons onto the calendar so brands can ride those waves when they come. It helps with visualization, consistency and organization of content throughout the month.

Swipe it up!

Do you have this feature? Well then, congratulations for hitting 10k followers! The ‘Swipe Up” option includes brands adding a link (sending fans directly to website, landing page or blog). This creates a strong and bold urge for fans to swipe up as there is a call to action. This helps drive more traffic to a certain landing page or a respective website. Plus point, the phrase “link in bio” will no longer roll out in your social media posts.

Let’s take a look at how Google Maps makes use of this feature. Google Maps shares user-generated content of beautiful locations to their Insta Story with the hashtag #OnGoogleMaps and a “Swipe Up’ link. Fans are able to swipe up to save locations to their own Google Maps account. What an easy way to provide inspirations and less hassle!

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Sharing is absolutely caring!

One of the beautiful things in life is by having a community to grow and to interact with, well at least for me personally! Insta Story exemplifies that act by brands sharing their fan’s Insta Stories! Sharing fans’s Insta Stories makes them feel valued and thus strengthens the brand’s relationships with fans, which may even result in new followings. By sharing user-generated content, Insta Stories offers an exciting way to reward fans for their loyalty, brand affinity and engagement as they have been seen and heard by the brand. This helps to affirm the fans that the brand they enjoy shows appreciation which helps to cement brand loyalty. Not to mention the fans will get at least 10 seconds of fame? Hence its a double win in the fan’s books!


Ads, Ads, Ads!

Ever since Insta Story has rolled out ads, it has proven to be more competitive and effective compared to the ads on the feed. This is an absolutely splendid way to reach a new audience and flaunt your brand to an already engaged audience! Engagement rates are soaring high on Insta Story ad, with one in 5 stories get a direct message from the fans.

Aside from the ‘Sponsored” denotation and of course the increase in production value, they look just like any organic post. Fans are interacting more with brands on their mobile device as the format is easy, convenient, mindless and engaging.

Like any ads, Insta Story ads come in a handful of different formats, from carouse adsl to videos, you name it, Instagram’s got it!


Hashtag that Story!

One of the newest features on Insta Story is brands can now add hashtags! When a fan is searching through a hashtag, your Instagram stories with that hashtag appear at the top of the feed, making your brand even more discoverable.This  means that those who are not following your brand are able to search and discover your brand through hashtags! This is such a great organic way to create new raving fans.

Here are some examples of how it looks like:


Get in touch with influencers!

By adding a personal or an influencer touch creates the next ratings-busting-pop-culture-cracking online content! Showing local influencers to fans helps fans to relate to them on a personal level and pushes more engagement. Familiarity and relatability are the keys to a pot of gold when it comes to activating and retaining your target audience which results in valuable connections between the brand and the fans. Getting influencers to go behind the scenes during events, photoshoots talks on Insta Stories are a great way to create a sense of authenticity apart from the well-polished feed.


Slide through a fan’s DMs!

The more conversation grows around the brand and fans, the more loyal they will be. Here’s a tip, don’t be afraid in replying to fans even if it’s on Insta Story! The personal approach of the direct message in combination with regular engagement will increase is a great tactic to get more fans Instagram. It’s adding an extra platform to brand’s daily community management.

Unlike an email, which often gets buried in the inbox or sometimes reaches the junk mail, sad to say but for DMs, it is displayed at the top of their Instagram feed. This serves as a golden opportunity for brands to interact with their fans personally and get to know them better.

When brands use this tactic wisely, it’s a major plus point for them!

You like it, We highlight it!

Instagram Highlights are one of the valuable tools that Instagram has introduced to Instagrammers & businesses in late 2017. By curating, archiving, and highlighting Instagram Stories, brands have found that they are able to optimize their customer experiences on the platform and create new opportunities for meaningful engagements with their fans. Instagram highlights help brands to easily categorize their content into segments, this provides easy navigation when fans are on your page.

Also, brands will have an ease of mind when it comes to saving Insta Stories onto the Highlights. Brands will not worry about losing the stories forever. With Instagram Highlights, these Insta Stories remain on the brand’s page for a long, long time.

             pic6.1                        pic6.2

Follow all these guidelines and I bet that the other brands will be trying to crane their necks to get a glimpse on how your brand did it!

So, I will leave you with a few wise words:

“Familiarising Insta Story’s game takes a little time and tons of effort but once you work out the controls, being able to connect with the audience is undeniably absorbing!”

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Nicole Choo