Jun 2020

Managing a huge project is a daunting experience. It involves working with multiple stakeholders, within and outside the organization. It includes strict timelines along with several layers of planning, implementation and reporting. If a thing or two spiral out of control, the project lands in a situation where the team needs to put out the fire. 

Having worked with clients from various industries in projects of different complexities over the last four years, I have been lucky enough to get a first-hand experience of what can go wrong in a project. And my key learning from all those experiences has been that the basic project management process needs to be kept in place to curb or efficiently handle problems that may occur.

In this article, I am doing a quick walkthrough of the different points that need to be kept in mind while managing a project. If you are a Project Manager, Campaign Manager or a Customer Success Manager, handling multiple (simple/complex) projects on a day-to-day basis, and working with multiple stakeholders (within the same city or across borders), take a look at the below infographic. It will help you to manage projects better and release some of that pent up anxiety.



Rittika Das
Rittika Das

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