Jun 2016

Social Listening Services Singapore

Did you know that 74% of Singaporeans use social media regularly (Source: Hashmeta)? With most of your customers on social media, there’s a wealth of customer data for you to analyze. Social listening will help you do that, to provide the best possible customer experience every time. 

This Forrester report will help you:

  • Get into the psyche of your customers 
  • Embrace customer-led marketing campaigns
  • Improve customer experience, irrespective of where they are in the customer lifecycle

Our managing partner Prantik Mazumdar also shares his insights in this report. 

A leading Asia Pacific airport hub used social listening to benchmark itself against competitors, but it also helped the airport provide a world-class customer experience. Prantik says:

The airport collected social data and compared it with qualitative offline customer survey data to validate face-to-face and online/social responses. Showing the relevant business units where the gaps were enabled them to improve customer experience.”

“Having a clear idea of industry benchmarks and where to deploy social insights helped the airport identify its customer experience shortcomings and raise its game, winning several global travel awards for the best airport customer experience in Asia.”

“It also demonstrated how social insights can be valuable in supporting the customer lifecycle to improve customer experience.”

If you want to improve your own customer experience, check out our social listening services

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