Aug 2016

Social Media Updates

You’ll agree that the world of social media marketing is never static, with new social media updates announced daily.

We’ll help you keep up with these social media updates, and show you how to use them to grow your business online. From Facebook to YouTube, we’ve recently seen some great new features that will undoubtedly affect the work of social media marketers in the weeks to come. 

Do you want to know how exactly these updates will impact social media marketing? Stick around, because we’re about to give you the social media lowdown for September 2016.

#1: Facebook launches Creative Hub

Creative Hub is an online platform to create ads on Facebook or Instagram. This tool will help you watch video ads in test mode on your smartphones before they go live.

Currently, it is not possible to send test files of video ads to clients or bosses. You can only share screenshots at the most, lengthening the time it takes for a campaign to go live. Creative Hub will thus help marketers share, review and take ads live at a much faster rate.

How it will help you:

Creative Hub will give designers and social media marketers loads of inspiration in the form of mock-up designs, creative ideas, ad copy and various types of Facebook ads like canvas, video, image and carousel. The best part? All this inspiration is under one platform!

Status: It’s still under developer mode and expected to roll out in the coming months.

 Facebook Creative Hub

#2 Instagram introduces topic and interest channels under the Explore section

You will now see a ‘Picked for you’ option in the Explore section. How does this option work? Instagram will scan your interests and show you videos as ‘Picked for you.’  

According to Instagram, their video views have increased 150% over the past six months. So, ‘Picked for you’ is a way to give users videos tailored for them to increase video views even further.

How it will help you:

This feature connects you to posts related to your interests from people you don’t follow yet. The more updates you like under the Explore section, the better Explore gets, adjusting to your preferences and showing you more of the things you enjoy. As this feature isn’t live outside the U.S., we can’t comment much on the impact it will have for brands and profile targeting.

Status: Update is only available in the U.S. It will launch soon in other countries.

Instagram Updates

Source: Instagram

 #3 Instagram announces translation button for feed stories and profile bios in different languages

The captions and comments in your feed and profile bio will be automatically translated. If your desired language is available, you can tap the ‘See Translation’ button below the text to see it.

Status: This feature is already present on Facebook and will be live on Instagram in the coming month.

Instagram Marketing


#4 Twitter introduces Twitter Engage

Twitter recently created the Twitter Engage app which will give you real-time data and insights.

Previously available on desktop under ‘analytics’, this new update is now available on smartphones. Know and engage with your audience on the go!  

How it will help you:

This app will help you understand your audience growth and engagement in much greater detail. This app is exactly like the Facebook Pages Manager app.

Status:  As of now, this app is only available on iOS and in the U.S. The app is available on the App Store:

Twitter Updates

#5 YouTube introduces live streaming on mobile

YouTube live streaming has been available since 2011. You already know that you can watch live matches, events, speeches by world leaders etc.

However, Facebook was a step ahead of YouTube by offering live streaming on smartphones. YouTube finally joined the pack!

This will definitely help YouTubers, celebrities and brands engage with their audiences on the go.

Here’s what YouTube says: “Just hit the big red capture button right there in the corner, take or select a photo to use as a thumbnail, and you can broadcast live to your fans and chat in near real time.”

How simple is that?

How it will help you:

This update will help all the celebrities, brands help interact with customers, fans. Also helpful when the product launches. With this live update, brands can be creative and increase their subscriber base.

Status: YouTube has launched this on only a few channels but will soon be rolling this feature out to all users.

YouTube Updates

So, how will these new features change the game for both social media marketers and users?

  • Facebook Creative Hub will help marketers save time, take campaigns live faster and give them access to case studies and ad best practices from other marketers and brands
  • Instagram’s ‘Picked for you’ feature will make user experience way more engaging when it comes to video viewing
  • Instagram language translation will help users understand more about foreign brands, and will help foreign brands reach more users
  • Twitter Engage app will help brands, celebrities and influencers analyze their interactions, follower updates and user engagement on the go
  • YouTube’s live video feature will help brands, celebrities and YouTubers interact with more followers and share their new releases, behind-the-scenes coverage and product launches – live!  

How do you think these features are going to impact social media marketing? Comment and let us know!

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