May 2015

The past few weeks have been extra eventful at work. As some of you might know, Happy Marketer submitted to a bunch of awards this year and our big boss Rachit, being as kind as ever, nominated me as “The Most Promising Newcomer” for the Mumbrella Asia Awards 2015. To our surprise, I made it to the final two and was nominated alongside another very promising marketer from Weber Shandwick.

Last week, we attended the Mumbrella Asia awards ceremony (our very first awards night as marketers) and we were pleasantly surprised once again when I won the award! During the week of the ceremony, I received wishes from friends, family, colleagues in their own unique styles, but there was one thing common among all their wishes – their faith that I will win. This feeling, this heart-warming feeling just cannot be described in words!

Thank you all for putting the “Happy” in this “Marketer” 😉
So, I want to take this opportunity to share my experience as a newcomer in the Marketing industry so that hopefully it can help all you newbies in the industry!
Looking back at my journey, I would definitely attribute my success till date to these 4 things:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Resolve
  3. Introspection & Integrity
  4. Passion

In short, G.R.I.P! [Warning: You are about to read some “deep” stuff ahead!]


I started off in the industry 3 years ago without knowing a thing about marketing. My major was Information Systems, not remotely related to the work I am doing currently. But along the way, I met the right kind of people/mentors and got exposed to the right kind of experiences which moulded me into the person I am today. We all have things to be thankful for, but we seldom are. We tend to focus on what we don’t have, which is only human, and I’ve done the same many a times. But once I start being more grateful not just for the people and things around me, everything changes. My thought process changes, letting me think clearly and be more creative, the situations around me change or atleast I find the strength/path to change them. There is a special kind of positivity that gratitude brings and it is extremely powerful in shaping a person’s thoughts and actions.


As a newcomer, there are a million challenges one faces not just in marketing, but in any industry for that matter. For example, for me the biggest challenge was to be convincing enough so that clients and colleagues take my ideas seriously. There is no point in having a good idea if you can’t get the client to trust it and let you run with it.
It is very easy to give up and move on. But it is so much more fun to be determined and tackle a challenge head-on. That feeling of success after hard-work is something that always kept me motivated to take up the next challenge. And when you are determined, you will end up finding support from people around you to achieve whatever you set your eyes on.

Introspection & Integrity

We as humans tend to get lost at times. There were many instances where I felt direction-less, where I questioned the purpose of the work I was doing. But introspection in such situations always helped me come-back to work with something better to contribute. I am also lucky to have amazing bosses and colleagues who hear me out patiently during these “mid-life crises” phases as they call it, and do everything in their power to support and understand me.
Introspection also helps me understand myself better. So when I have to make difficult decisions, I have the strength needed to speak up and not be dishonest to my true self.  I strongly believe, there is a lot of value in being yourself. It’s what sets you apart from the rest!


This is the ingredient that makes everything possible, that keeps one going, that helps me be proactive, that helps me go beyond my way and make a difference, that pushes me out of my comfort zone. I am grateful to have found my passion earlier in life and have the opportunity to actually pursue it. People say “love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day” – but I believe in “doing what i love” is more  important that “loving what I do”. Doing what I love makes life organic, not forced.

GRIP is what has gotten me this far. But there is one main force that makes my GRIP stronger – my mentors, my support-system, the glue that brings everything together.
So as you start out in this super exciting field be sure to find someone to look-up to, someone who you aspire to be, someone who can bring out the best in you, someone who can help you find your GRIP 😉

Good luck!

Khyathi Nirmal Kumar

Khyathi is the Lead for the Technology & Education verticals at Happy Marketer.